Khloe Kardashian “Devastated” Lamar Odom Reunited With Ex?

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Lamar Odom Reunited Liza Morales

By Shari Weiss |

Lamar Odom Reunited Liza Morales

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Is Khloe Kardashian “devastated” over Lamar Odom supposedly reuniting with his ex? That’s the claim coming from the tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth.

Odom is currently in rehab after making a renewed commitment to maintaining a sober lifestyle. According to OK!, “He’s doing it with the help of Liza Morales, the mother of his children.” In fact, a so-called “friend” claims the two are “inching their way back toward a full-blown relationship.”

But the story asserts that it’s not “lost” on Kardashian that it was Morales who was apparently successful in getting Odom to seek treatment, “despite all of Khloe’s efforts.” “It kills Khloe to see Lamar getting himself healthy under Liza’s influence because that’s something he never did while they were together,” a “source” is quoted as saying. While the magazine contends Kardashian “doesn’t want Lamar back,” its alleged snitch claims she’s “still devastated that he’s gone back to Liza.”

It’s even said Kardashian is in “pain” over the situation. But that’s not remotely true. Far from struggling emotionally over her ex-husband, the reality star is in the midst of enjoying the holiday season with her family and boyfriend Tristan Thompson. She is not in competition with Morales, and has always wanted to see Odom focus on his health.

It doesn’t matter to Kardashian that his ex may have been the catalyst, and she is happily moving on with her life, regardless of Odom and Morales’ status. OK! is simply creating drama where there is none. It’s worth noting this is the same outlet that published a cover story last year falsely claiming Kardashian was pregnant with Odom’s baby. The tabloid’s “reporting” is clearly not okay.

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Khloe Kardashian is upset Lamar Odom is reuniting with Liza Morales.

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