A new story claiming to know how Khloe Kardashian is "determined to stay in shape" during her pregnancy is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this latest fabricated article, complete with quotes from a seemingly fake "insider." In fact, the outlet that manufactured this bogus report claims to know how Kardashian plans to stay fit, yet absurdly isn't even 100 percent sure "if she is pregnant."

The tell-tale sign that the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife have concocted yet another story about the expecting reality star is obvious right from the first two line of its latest article. The article begins, "Khloe Kardashian isn't giving up on healthy living while reportedly pregnant!" The site continues, "Here's all the exclusive details on how she's going to stay fit while allegedly eating for 2!" Of course, if often discredited blog had an actual Kardashian "insider," it wouldn't write "reportedly pregnant" and "allegedly eating for 2." Like Gossip Cop and other reputable outlets, it would definitely note that Kardashian is pregnant.

Then, right before HollywoodLies (as it's known) has a seemingly fake "insider" discuss Kardashian's pregnancy, the site once again refers to her as "reportedly being an expecting mother." Incredibly, the outlet truly isn't sure whether or not she's having a baby, yet has a whole story filled with (manufactured) quotes about her pregnancy. Of course, the quotations really offer no particular insight into Kardashian's pregnancy and can pretty much be applied to most expecting women in general.

The questionable "insider" says, "Khloe is eating really healthily during her pregnancy" and has a "load of cravings." The same probably nonexistent source adds, "She has this super cute little bump." Almost insanely a few sentences later, though, the same site notes how Kardashian had Thanksgiving in Cleveland with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, but laments, "Catching a glimpse of her reported baby bump was nearly impossible!" "Welp, if she is pregnant it's only a matter of time before we catch a glimpse," adds the repeatedly disproven outlet.

Wait, right after HollywoodLies claims to have an "insider" who says Kardashian has a "super cute little bump," it then writes, "If she is pregnant it's only a matter of time before we catch a glimpse" of her "reported baby bump"? Basically, the site exposes that it not only makes up stories, but it also isn't very smart about it either (below). What makes this even more appalling from a journalistic standpoint is that the blog has manufactured a slew of stories claiming to have exclusive details about Kardashian's pregnancy.

Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy


Among the many previously published fake news stories from HollywoodLies include a tale about how Kylie Jenner and Kardashian are "sharing pregnancy cravings." There was also another whopper that alleged Kardashian's pregnancy "inspired" Britney Spears to have another baby. Each of those stories, as well as the current one that claims to know how Kardashian plans to "stay in shape" during her pregnancy, have a few glaring and transparent signals that reveal the outlet is just fabricating.

They each feature an unnamed and untraceable "insider," and despite blathering on about Kardashian's pregnancy, the site repeatedly peppers its articles with words like "reportedly" and "allegedly" because it actually doesn't know whether, as it stated this time, "If she is pregnant." Not only was it reported by TMZ in September that Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby, but Gossip Cop has also confirmed that she's expecting her first child and that no one in the reality star's camp is sharing stories with untrustworthy outlets such as HollywoodLies. Rather than making up reports about how Kardashian is staying in shape, maybe it's time for that blog to shape up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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