Khloe Kardashian NOT “Banned” From Cleveland Cavaliers Games, Despite Report

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Khloe Kardashian Banned Cavs Games

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Khloe Kardashian Banned Cavs Games

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Khloe Kardashian was not “banned” from Cleveland Cavaliers games by LeBron James, despite a widely-circulated report. Gossip Cop is told it’s 100 percent false. And there’s even proof.

MediaTakeOut blared in a headline, “Khloe Kardashian Has Allegedly Been BANNED From Cleveland Cavaliers Games… By LEBRON JAMES!!!” In the accompanying story, the site noted the reality star was in Los Angeles while “her ‘boyfriend’ Tristan Thompson played the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.” The webloid went on to allege, “In case you’re wondering why Khloe wasn’t there cheering him on… word is that she’s been BANNED. According to reports Lebron James asked Tristan to BAN THE KARDASHIAN from all remaining playoff games – including teh [sic] NBA finals.”

MediaFakeOut never named any of those supposed “reports,” though. And other outlets that ran these claims, like the lemmings at HollywoodLife, sourced them back to MTO. But the bad blog had no evidence to support its unfounded allegations. And just one day after its baseless article was published, it was proven wrong. The “banned” contention ran on Saturday. Kardashian, however, happily attended Sunday’s playoff game.

And she wasn’t alone. Kardashian was joined in Cleveland by Kylie Jenner (see photo above). Obviously that wouldn’t have happened if she had actually been “banned” by James or anyone else. The disreputable webloid either fabricated the claims and tried to cover it up by referring to unammed “reports,” or got bad information from someone or somewhere. But this is not the first time MTO has spread lies about Kardashian and Thompson.

In fact, the untrue Kardashian-Thompson split reports actually originated with the online publication weeks ago. At the time, the webloid wrongly claimed he wanted to take a “break” from the relationship to focus on the post-season. But not only has the couple remained together, but Kardashian has been openly supporting Thompson through the playoffs, particularly with her attendance at Sunday’s game.

And it was also this same site that falsely alleged last October that Kardshian and Thompson were engaged, only to erroneously assert the following month that Thompson “dumped” Kardashian. It should be abundantly clear: Do not rely on MediaFakeOut for “news” about Kardashian, Thompson or the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s most likely going to be wrong.

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