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Khloe Kardashian did not drop a "big hint" about moving back to Los Angeles amid the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. A number of outlets are spreading that untrue theory, but Gossip Cop can easily debunk it. For starters, Kardashian hasn't commented at all about the controversy or her future plans.

But Life & Style is among the publications speculating Kardashian is "hinting at a major move in the near future." Noting how the reality star had "relocated to Ohio to be closer" to Thompson, the tabloid contends, "But with his recent cheating scandal being so fresh, Khloe understandably probably wants to be home with her family." Asserts the gossip magazine, "Khloe's family was by her side during her labor, but they can't stay in Cleveland forever, so it makes sense that the new mama would want to be with Kris Jenner and her sisters during this difficult time."

It is entirely possible that Kardashian will opt to return to L.A. full-time. But she has not dropped any kind of "big hint" about it. The outlet's lone piece of evidence is a TMZ report about Kardashian buying travel items for the baby. Because she purchased things like a travel stroller and an "on-the-go" breast milk pump, the tabloid is jumping to the conclusion that she must be ditching Cleveland and heading back to Los Angeles.

Yet TMZ specifically noted in its post, "At the time of her purchase, we're told Khloe was anticipating a lot of back and forth trips from L.A. to Cleveland." These items were bought beforehand for regular travel, not for a post-scandal, one-way trip to California, as the magazine is wrongly alleging. Even if Kardashian does make L.A. her home base again, she would still need these helpful traveling tools regardless. She has a career that takes her all over the world, and she obviously needs to have the proper equipment if her daughter goes with her.

Even besides work-related travel, Kardashian would require such items for personal trips with her infant, such as family vacations. There are actually countless articles readily available on the web that detail all that parents need with them when traveling with babies. All moms tend to be prepared. There's no basis for connecting that to whether she is moving away from Thompson because of his infidelity.

It's also disingenuous to assert this "hint" came from Kardashian when it was a third-party who leaked the details of her purchases. As noted above, the "KUWTK" star herself has yet to speak out at all about her child or the status of her relationship. What's more is the tabloid also repeats its already debunked claims about Kardashian being "done" with Thompson. As Gossip Cop previously reported, and as reputable publications have confirmed, Kardashian has not yet decided whether to stay in Cleveland and continue their romance.

The magazine even admits that it's "unclear where their relationship stands." In other words, the outlet has no real insight, which is why it's peddling this incorrect conspiracy theory about a move without any proof to back it up. Other places, including Cosmopolitan and Elite Daily, are also wrongly linking Kardashian's travel-related purchases to moving back to L.A. Again, Kardashian may indeed settle back on the West Coast, but this spending spree has nothing to do with it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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