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A story claiming Khloe Kardashian "refuses to pull a Kourtney" and wants to marry Tristan Thompson after their baby is born was made-up. Not only that, but Gossip Cop can also explain how this is a flip-flop from a contradictory story published just 24 hours ago.

On Wednesday evening, HollywoodLife speculated Kardashian and Thompson were "already married" because she was wearing a diamond ring in the photo she used to officially announce her pregnancy. Naturally, the site had no insight to offer, admitting, "Now that we know they're expecting the big question is are they already husband and wife?" The blog further wondered, "She's worn the baubles in the past, but maybe they have a deeper meaning now?" The outlet even questioned whether Kardashian was "the type to secretly tie the knot."

On Thursday morning, Gossip Cop busted the speculation, confirming that Kardashian and Thompson were not "already married." The reality star just happens to like that particular ring style and has been seen wearing similar designs over much of the year. So now on Thursday evening, HollywoodLies, as it's known, is pretending it never thought Kardashian was "married already" and is now purporting to have "EXCLUSIVE details" on her future plans to wed.

"Khloe is ecstatic she is having a child and is in a great relationship, but one thing she isn't going to do is have babies and not get married like Kourtney did with Scott," a so-called "source close to the reality star" is quoted as saying. This supposed snitch goes on to contend, "So Khloe and marriage will happen soon. She just wants to lose her baby weight after giving birth and then all systems go for what she is interested in for 2018."

But where was this "source" yesterday when HollywoodLies thought Kardashian was "already married"? If the online publication actually had inside access to the "KUWTK" star's camp, it would've known that she hadn't wed yet. But because the webloid isn't actually in-the-know, it does what it's been caught doing many times before: It throws out an unsubstantiated theory and, after Gossip Cop or another reliable publication debunks it, it flip-flops and pretends to have uncovered the "truth."

Here's the real truth: No one "close" to Kardashian is talking to HollywoodLies about her pregnancy, her relationship with Thompson and how her plans do or don't differ from Kourtney. The site is merely trying to capitalize on one of the most-talked about celebrity topics with disingenuous, inauthentic and conflicting contentions. Don't fall for it. See screengrabs of the flip-flopping headlines below.



Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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