Who Is The “Hot One”? Magazines Use Same Cover Line For Kendall Jenner, Sister Kylie And Khloe Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Tabloid Covers Regurgitated

By Shari Weiss |

Tabloid Covers Regurgitated


Who is the “Hot One,” Kendall Jenner, her sister Kylie, or Khloe Kardashian? The three siblings have each been on the covers of tabloid magazines with headlines declaring them the “hot one now.”

There was a 2013 Life & Style cover that featured Khloe with the quote, “I’m The Hot Sister Now,” a 2014 OK! cover that featured Kendall with the quote, “I’m The Hot One Now,” and another OK! cover just last month with the same exact quote, which this time featured Kylie. Billy Keenly, a comedian-producer and KICKTV host, tweeted all three of the tabloid covers on Friday, and included a photo from the movie Captain Phillips, alluding to the film’s famous “I’m the captain now” line (see below).

It was a wry observation by Keenly, and it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Because it shows that in less than two years, there have been THREE covers about the Kardshian-Jenners all with the same made-up tag line. And OK! even had the gall to use the fake quote with both Kylie AND Kendall. Furthermore, none of the stories were anything more than sensationalized gibberish designed to grab people’s attentions on newsstands.

And it’s far from the only instance of tabloid regurgitation. As Gossip Cop tweeted earlier Friday, tabloids love a good “pregnant and dumped” story. The most recent example was this week’s Life & Style, which ran that exact headline about Chris Soules’ fiancée Whitney Bischoff. The erroneous piece came almost two years after In Touch wrongly declared Kim Kardashian was “pregnant and alone.” That phrase has also been used for Jennifer Aniston at least twice, and she’s never even BEEN pregnant.

Also in the last week, Gossip Cop corrected not one, but TWO tabloid cover stories that were deceptively designed to make it seem like Kate Middleton had already given birth when, in fact, the royal is still pregnant. Outlets like OK! and Life & Style, which were the offenders, have pulled this move countless times before with fabricated “dramatic delivery” covers about Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis, and others. Each is almost an exact replica of the other.

The tabloids go back to these tired cover lines again and again for a simple reason. They unfortunately sell magazines. It’s Gossip Cop’s hope, however, that exposing the truth behind these lies will lead not only to more informed consumers, but also more respectable celebrity journalism.


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