Khloe Kardashian Did NOT “Snub” Kanye West Birthday Party, Despite Claim

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Khloe Kardashian Snub Kanye West

By Shari Weiss |

Khloe Kardashian Snub Kanye West

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Khloe Kardashian did not “snub” Kanye West because she didn’t fly to Los Angeles for his birthday party, despite a ridiculous claim. A tabloid is trying to create trouble where there is none. Gossip Cop can explain what’s absurdly going on.

On Saturday, Kardashian celebrated a friend’s birthday in Cleveland, while West was feted with his own bash in Los Angeles. Now Life & Style maintains Kardashian is “picking sides” and “made it very clear where her loyalties lie” by not traveling to L.A. for West’s party. The tabloid contends “her decision not to attend Kanye’s birthday party… seems to prove that there’s a little bit of tension still between her and her family.”

Actually, there’s far more evidence that shows this wasn’t a “snub” at all. For starters, there’s no beef between the reality star and her brother-in-law. After West’s album was released earlier this month, Kardashian posted on Twitter that Ye was “fire,” a sentiment she depicted with emojis. And for his birthday, Kardashian created a special West-focused Kimoji quiz on her app in his honor. None of this, however, is mentioned in the outlet’s sensational article.

Also not mentioned is that Kardashian didn’t just merely attend her friend’s birthday party in Cleveland. According to E!, the Kardashians’ pseudo-mouthpiece, she actually threw the dinner at a local restaurant. Should she have canceled the bash and flown across the country just because West was having a birthday dinner, too? Kardashian has been living in Cleveland since March, and has yet to return to California even once. She’s missed Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as her own sister Kourtney’s birthday in April.

Notably, none of that is acknowledged in the article, either. Instead, all of these key omissions make it seem like Kardashian purposefully iced out West. But when looking at the situation as a whole, with all of the relevant details and background information, it becomes evident that Kardashian didn’t “snub” West any more than she snubbed her older sister. Simply, she’s been based in Ohio full-time for months, and if Kardashian didn’t fly to L.A. for any of the aforementioned events, why would she make a special trip for West’s birthday?

And, of course, she’s also caring for a 2-month-old infant, which doesn’t exactly make traveling on a four-hour flight to another time zone easy. By leaving out these important facts, Life & Style has twisted reality into a non-scandal. It’s worth remembering this is the same tabloid that wrongly announced Kardashian was “done” with Tristan Thompson back in April. Meanwhile, they’re still together and sat next to one another at Saturday’s dinner. Clearly, the magazine cannot be relied upon to tell the truth.


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