Khloe Kardashian Jimmy Fallon Video: Interview And Charades On “Tonight Show”

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Khloe Kardashian Jimmy Fallon

By Andrew Shuster |

Khloe Kardashian Jimmy Fallon


Khloe Kardashian appeared on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she talked about her book “Strong Looks Better Naked” and weight loss, her brother-in-law Kanye West’s music, and new show “Kocktails With Khloe.” The reality star also played a game of Charades with Fallon and fellow guest Danny DeVito and Norman Reedus. See the videos below.

Kardashian visited the late night talk show to promote her own upcoming talk show “Kocktails With Khloe,” which premieres January 20 on FYI. During the interview, Fallon first discussed West’s music, which she said the whole family hears first and critiques for him. Then she and Fallon talked about what she focuses on with her exercise routine. Kardashian said she’s a “leg and ass girl,” to which the talk show host added, “Me too.”

Fallon also asked Kardashian about her new series, which she described as a “drinking show.” The reality star said they taped a test show and her mom Kris Jenner got drunk. She was a “slob kebab,” joked Kardashian.

Earlier in the show, Fallon and his guests competed in a game of charades. Kardashian and DeVito were on one team, while Reedus made a surprise appearance and played with Fallon. It began with DeVito trying to get Kardashian to guess “Cheerleader,” which took a while but she got it. Next, the “Walking Dead” star correctly guessed the “Electric Slide,” based on the “Tonight Show” host’s dancing.

After that, Kardashian did a good job with “Baywatch,” but DeVito didn’t guess it. Reedus, however, had an easy time getting Fallon to figure out “Ant-Man.” And in the final round, DeVito and Fallon tried to get their partners to guess “Gold Digger,” which Kardashian did first, leading her to win the game of Charades.

Shortly before her appearance, Kardashian posted a photo of herself in the talk show’s dressing room, along with the caption, “So excited to be on The Tonight Show tonight! I love you, Jimmy Fallon!!!” She also shared a picture of herself standing next to DeVito. Referencing how much taller she is than the actor and how they were similarly dressed in black, Kardashian tweeted, “Have you seen the movie Twins?!?! With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito?! I’m Arnold…. Danny plays himself.”

Watch Kardashian’s “Tonight Show” interview, as well as her playing a game of charades in the videos below.


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