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Khloe Kardashian was not rushed to the hospital with pregnancy complications, despite new reports. A tabloid story is already spreading online, even though it's not true. Gossip Cop can debunk the claims.

According to OK!, Kardashian recently had an "early-delivery scare" and had to make an "emergency dash to the hospital." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Word is she suffered some pregnancy complications and had to be rushed" to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. This supposed snitch claims, "Everyone was worried she'd need an emergency C-section."

Tellingly, though, neither the gossip magazine nor its "insider" say what was really wrong. Furthermore, it's not said when exactly this purported medical crisis supposedly took place. Additionally, the phrasing of "word is" suggests that this specious tipster doesn't have first-hand knowledge of what supposedly went down.

Last month, Kardashian experienced pregnancy shaming when Twitter users slammed her decision to travel to Japan in her third trimester. The reality star tweeted in response, "I'm allowed to travel according to my dr. Of course, before our flight, I took all precautions and got my body checked from my dr and I'm completely healthy. I wouldn't put my baby at risk in any way."

Now two weeks later, the outlet is suggesting in this story that Kardashian did indeed risk her baby's health. "Khloe took all the necessary precautions with her trip, but now of course she's wondering if it contributed to an unnecessary scare," an alleged "source" tells the publication. Yet just like the aforementioned "insider," this "source" also doesn't seem to have any insight on what the "scare" was exactly. Adding further suspicion is that, even though the tabloid doesn't give a date for this supposed "emergency," it nonetheless maintains Tristan Thompson was "on the road" at the time, leading the couple to have a "huge argument."

"There were even whispers that he decided to throw in the towel on their relationship," another "insider" contends. On top of that, a different "source" claims to the magazine that "a friend said Lamar [Odom] got wind" about the hospitalization and went to visit Kardashian at the facility. But when matriarch Kris Jenner supposedly found out he was there, "I heard she had her security team handle him," claims the "insider." Just like the "word is" phrasing above, the use of "a friend said" and "I heard" are more telltale signs that the outlet's "sources" and "insiders" don't actually have direct knowledge of what allegedly happened.

There's even one part that is completely illogical. One of the "sources" is quoted as asserting Kardashian is "trying to take it easy while also resuming her normal schedule." Those two ideas are in conflict with each other. If one's taking it easy, typically that would mean not resuming a normal schedule.

All of these red flags indicate this tale was entirely made-up, along with the fact that not one reputable publication has reported anything about Kardashian being rushed to the hospital, which would be right up TMZ's alley, for example. What has been noted by credible outlets is that Kardashian was feted at a baby shower last weekend, in addition to Kardashian and Thompson celebrating his birthday with an intimate party (see picture above). Both events were heavily documented on social media, and there's been no photos or videos to support the contention that she was recently ill and has to "take it easy."

And while it's likely Kardashian will eventually start slowing down as her pregnancy enters its final weeks, no one with whom Gossip Cop spoke within Kardashian's could substantiate these claims about a hospitalization. Perhaps the only thing more alarming than such a phony story is that HollywoodLife quickly picked up the allegations without any fact-checking. Despite the serious nature of this tale, the site saw fit to spread the questionable information before finding out whether or not it was true. Both the tabloid and the blog owe Kardashian an apology.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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