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Khloe Kardashian didn't get pregnant with her second baby with Tristan Thompson last year, despite a false report. That's what one tabloid claimed exactly 365 days ago, but Gossip Cop debunked it as totally untrue. One year later, it's even more obvious how fake the story was.

In a bogus article published on March 11, 2019, NW reported that Kardashian learned she was expecting around the time that she learned about Thompson's affair. A so-called "insider" apparently reported that Kardashian had been "covering her stomach" and "looking a lot bigger" than usual. Khloe "loves being a mother," the source said. "It makes sense that they could have started trying again before this scandal blew up."

The unnamed source also stated that Kardashian was "preparing for life as a single mom" of two, adding that she was "over the moon" to be having another baby even though the situation "hasn't been easy." "Motherhood is her ultimate motivation to get through this with her head held high," finished the tipster.

Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found absolutely no truth to it. A source close to the reality star assured us last year that she wasn't pregnant. The assumption that Kardashian gained weight due to pregnancy was completely subjective and unsubstantiated, and she had been photographed recently wearing tight clothing that would not have obscured any baby bump, as the tabloid claimed. She had also been photographed days earlier drinking alcohol in Vegas - an unlikely move for someone who knew she was pregnant.

The passing year has further revealed this story to be untrue. Kardashian has yet to give birth to a second baby or announce a new pregnancy. Her feelings about having a second child have also been made clear. In a June 2019 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe revealed that she thought she was pregnant just weeks before Thompson's cheating scandal - and was relieved to know she wasn't: "I'm happy that I'm not pregnant, because I didn't want to be."

It should also be noted that while Kardashian and Thompson did split, she's not doing the work of parenting their daughter True all by herself. Last month People magazine reported that Kardashian's "whole focus is now on co-parenting with Tristan."

As a Kardashian, Khloe will seemingly always be at the center of some salacious rumor, often baby-related. Last October, OK! was the culprit, claiming Kardashian said she would take Thompson back if he got her pregnant again. In January, NW insisted yet again that she was pregnant - this time with Kanye West's baby via artificial insemination. Gossip Cop found both these stories to be totally bogus - and time will also prove them to be fake in due course.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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