Khloe Kardashian Files Divorce Second Time From Lamar Odom

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Khloe Kardashian Divorce Second Time

By Michael Lewittes |

Khloe Kardashian Divorce Second Time

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Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce again from Lamar Odom. Like the first go-around in December 2013, Kardashian cited “irreconcilable difference” on Thursday in her court filing. She also used the same attorney, Laura Wasser.

All issues about money and property division, Gossip Cop is told, were settled a long time ago when Kardashian, who had a prenup, initially decided to split from the former basketball player. We’re told that while it is again an amicable parting, Kardashian “had enough” of her estranged husband’s more recent destructive behavior. As Gossip Cop reported early this month, Odom was seen drinking cognac in the middle of the day at a bar inside a Los Angeles shopping mall. It was the second time in under two months that he was busted boozing. Early Easter morning, Odom was also caught drinking cognac at a Sherman Oaks bar.

What was most alarming, of course, was that Odom’s boozing came on the heels of his October overdose on cocaine and sexual enhancement pills in a Nevada brothel, where he was found unresponsive. Odor’s partying last fall, as Gossip Cop noted, resulted in him suffering multiple strokes and being in a coma and on life support. Shortly after the Nevada incident, Kardashian called off her first divorce, and nursed Odom back to health. But following his latest drinking jaunts, Gossip Cop is told she “had enough,” and decided to finally follow through with her divorce.

The first time Kardashian filed for divorce, he had reportedly been struggling with drug problems and even did a rap on camera about cheating on his wife. Just a month before Kardashian called it quits in 2013, Odom had also been arrested for DUI. Assuming no changes of heart, this divorce should become official in six months.


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