Khloe Kardashian “Complex” UNCUT Interview: On Being “Fat Sister,” Brother Rob, Caitlyn Jenner, And Scott Disick

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Khloe Kardashian Complex Cover Story

By Shari Weiss |

Khloe Kardashian Complex Cover Story

(Steven Gomillion for Complex/Instagram)

Khloe Kardashian was more candid than ever before for her Complex cover story, and now the magazine has released the “uncut” version of her tell-all interview.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian spilled about virtually every facet of her life, and posed for a super-sexy photo spread (see pic right). But the reality star reveals even more juicy tidbits in the just-released full quotes. What’s Kardashian’s take on brother Rob, Caitlyn Jenner, and rumors about an affair with Scott Disick? How does she view the paparazzi, her weight, and momager Kris Jenner? Read on to REALLY keep up with Khloe Kardashian!

Khloe On Her Size
“When I was married or a few years ago, I never thought I was fat. I never thought I was huge. I was like, “I still look good, I’m just made to have curves or be a little bigger.” I never looked at myself as the fat sister. Sometimes I would beat people to the punch and say, “Oh I’m the fat, funny one,” because that’s what people would say about me. But I never really thought that. Looking back, I do believe I was unhealthy, but at the time I really thought that that was as skinny as I was going to get. You know, everyone’s like, “You’re big boned.” I have childbearing hips. You’re like, “No, you could still lose some weight.”

Khloe On Stress-Eating
“I used to deal with stress in an unhealthy way. When we were younger and even through the O.J. Simpson trial and everything, we would just eat, but I think my parents also didn’t know what to do so they would just give us McDonald’s or crappy food. I think that kind of trained me to think that when something’s happening, you eat. When my dad died I gained a ton of weight, but I was drinking and going out and just being unhealthy, clouding my mind with other things. I remember eating crap food and people would think I was having pregnancy cravings.”

Khloe On Using Exercise To Cope
“With my divorce and even during the end of my marriage before it even got publicly bad, how I decided to cope with things was to go on the treadmill for an hour. I don’t know what prompted me to do that. It was a very different coping mechanism. I felt so clear and I had nowhere else to go. I couldn’t be home, I have too many thoughts there. I needed a place where I was just alone. And even if there might be all these people around when you when you’re on the machine with your headphones in, you’re technically alone.”

Khloe On Tabloids And Paparazzi
“For most people, when you’re going through trouble at home or in your workplace, when you leave there you have your space. For me, even if I left my house there was so much paparazzi. It’s almost like I was more aware of things because at home you could not be on your computer, no blogs, so you don’t hear anything, but when you’re out and people are yelling things at you that you’re unaware of like, ‘Are you sleeping with Scott?’ Things like that I don’t even know and I’m like, ‘Am I? What’s happening?’ People are like, ‘Do you read all those stories about you?’

“No I don’t [read them]. I don’t have to when someone’s yelling them at you. It’s mortifying because if I’m valeting my car and you’re with me, and you don’t know who I am or anything, you see all these people and they’re yelling, ‘Are you sleeping with Scott!?’ I’ve never been an introvert whatsoever. I’ve always been so social, very outgoing, and I am with my circle. I have major anxiety within the past two years with the paparazzi.”

Khloe On Scott Disick (Note: Interview was conducted before Scott’s recent split from Kourtney Kardashian)
“We’re best of friends, but what’s crazy is how much I hated him before. He was a douchey little dick. At first I liked Scott. I wouldn’t say I loved him because Kourtney and I lived together in a townhouse when they met and Scott basically moved right on in. They didn’t really slowly progress. It was kind of full throttle and I liked him. We would hang out from time to time and then he started just acting out and doing stupid shit and it was so consistent. You can say you’re sorry 5,000 times, but that doesn’t mean you mean it. He kept apologizing and I just started hating him for how much he was mistreating Kourtney. I’m not going to keep accepting your apologies, letting you come back in, and doing the same thing over again.”

Khloe On Kourtney’s Reaction To Rumors Of An Affair With Scott
“When she was pregnant she does [get [pissed] because she’s so sensitive. We would know not to like hang out as much, like she’s pregnant and sensitive and we don’t want to rile her up. We were filming one time, we were out, there were so much paparazzi and Scott just grabbed my hand, but like interlocked fingers. It was for two seconds and I was like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ You don’t interlock fingers with your brother-in-law. It was so weird. It happened the first time we were in Vegas for Kim’s birthday and accidentally, he grabbed my hand and he thought it was Kourtney and just pulled it and paparazzi got it. We didn’t even realize it. Then the next day everyone was like, “He’s holding her sister’s hand!” and that’s how it started. Scott wanted to make a mockery of it and that’s when he like, interlocked fingers when we were out one time and they got a picture. I’m hysterically laughing in the photo and pulled my hand and they ran with that, but he finds it funny. We can’t really be mad at those rumors because we do kind of think it’s humorous no matter what we do. Who’s going to sleep with their brother-in-law? This is not Jerry Springer.

Khloe On Whether She Feels Lonely
“Sometimes. When all your friends want to go to dinner, my brother and I are like, ‘No’ because we just get too much anxiety. I don’t mind having people over, but it’s weird how much more withdrawn I’ve become than being social in public places, I guess. With everything being so public, it made the gym my only place of refuge, if you will.”

Khloe On Hiding Her Marriage Problems With Lamar Odom
“I don’t know exactly how I did. I’m a big believer of you don’t air your dirty laundry—marriage and relationships are supposed to be between two people. I don’t want to focus in on fights or this or that. When it came to Lamar I’m like, “This is my husband and I’ve honored that,” and still do to this day. I would have protected him until the end of time and done what you’re supposed to do for people you love and care about.”

Khloe On Not Having A Family With Lamar
“I’ve always wanted to have kids, I do think I would be a great mom. I wanted the whole story. I didn’t just want a baby. I wanted Lamar, my babies, I wanted to have their names, what they’re going to do. I wanted the whole thing. And we tried. There’s a reason why it didn’t work and that’s fine. God has always has a bigger plan and we don’t know why. I was married for five years and I definitely had that baby fever which I think you should. I don’t think about kids like that now. Do I love kids? Yeah, and I want to be with my nieces and nephews as much as I can, but I don’t have that baby fever now, I take birth control everyday at 5 p.m. It has to be a whole story for me. I wanted it all. And I will get it all one day.”

Khloe On Selling Home She Shared With Lamar
“Moving out of my house with Lamar I had a ton of anxiety closing that chapter. It happened so quickly. I put my house on the market and a friend of mine bought it, Kaley Cuoco who’s an actress on The Big Bang Theory. She’s still a newlywed and wanting to start a family, and I love that. It had nothing to do with the home itself, I just needed to close this chapter and it all just happened and I was like, ‘Hey wait, I’m not ready, we gotta slow this down,’ and they’re like, ‘You can’t slow it down. We’ve started this train, it has to park somewhere.'”

Khloe On Moving In With Brother Rob Kardashian
“I honestly had no idea how long I was going to be there. It was fun at first, and then I think it was overwhelming for both of us. We were going from this huge house to his townhouse, so I can’t just like put all my shit everywhere, but he was so great about it. Obviously he would get annoyed from time to time or when he wanted girls over. I totally get it.”

Khloe On Rob Now Living With Her
“Rob lives with me now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having him with me. I have a big ass house and I wanted it so he could feel like, comfortable. He’s going through a hard time now and it’s behind gates. With this crazy lifestyle you have to think of places where you can still have your freedom. Kourtney and Scott live in the same gated area. My nieces and nephew come over at least three times a week. I have everything, my brother’s there and I love him. I get crazy if he’s like, ‘I’m moving out.'”

Khloe On Sisters Kendall And Kylie Jenner
“I’m incredibly close to Kendall and Kylie. I’m very maternal with them as well. I’m very aware to make sure the relationships [with my siblings] are equal so one doesn’t feel singled out. I love that I am their sister so they still have fun and tell me the stuff you don’t want to tell your mom, but they listen to me as I am an authority figure, which I love. You couldn’t ask for something better. I love that they want me around, we have fun.”

Khloe On Hate Kylie Receives
“With Kylie, one of the biggest things is I try to not read stuff. Growing up at her age, having to hear all of this stuff about you is so scary and so unhealthy and that’s not what anybody should have to endure. Even social media without having paparazzi or any of that, social media for a normal person you have to disconnect and put the phone down. When this was all first happening with us, you get Google alerts or you want to see everything you’re mentioned in and you kind of become obsessed, and you only believe negatively. Our brains are trained to retain the negative rather than the positive. I try to get her to not read that stuff and she has a thick skin. Sometimes things do bother her.”

Khloe On Caitlyn’s Transition (Note: Interview was conducted before Caitlyn became Bruce)
“When he told us, he just said he always felt this urge to do this and that was it. He never said he was transitioning. I don’t know if he knew, let’s say six months ago, that he wanted to do that. I think in his soul he did. As Kim said, to tell ten of your kids something, he was very great and specific and he would tell us one by one, it was way more special and personal. We can each ask our questions, but transitioning wasn’t ever a topic of discussion. Slowly and surely one week, I would see paparazzi pictures of him. I would see things and start to wonder.”

“I think the hardest part was feeling like so much was happening and we were the last to know. Everyone knew and we were always like, “That’s not true and this isn’t happening.” We were so protective of our dad. When his special aired so many people were like, “I’m so proud of you, this is great,” but so many people acted like, from what I would see, that they had no idea. I thought everyone was thinking this and we were just blinded by love.”

“I think all of our biggest fear was that we don’t want anyone to be mean to him. Just even paparazzi, what assholes they were to him. There was one time where he was honest about saying that he was suicidal over some pictures that were published. How would you guys feel if you were the reason that someone took their own life? They don’t care. When does it stop? Stop torturing this man.”

Khloe On Losing Bruce
“We’ve gone to therapy for this. They say it is like a loss because it’s that physical being, what I’ve known to recognize visually is going to be gone. I don’t know if it’s like someone has died. I’m transitioning emotionally because it’s a different relationship. It’s a different personality. I’m so willing to learn and I want to learn, but it’s different. It is a different energy for sure, not to say that’s bad, it’s great.”

Khloe On Starting “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”
“We were told by someone that used to work at E!, ‘Don’t get comfortable here, you guys are just filler because some show just got canceled,’ and so, our show got on the air. Kim and my mom really wanted to do it and Ryan Seacrest said to them that it was all or nothing. We all needed to be on board and Kourtney and I were like,’We love our stores, what are we doing? We don’t want to do it.; After talking it over Kourtney and I were like, ‘Okay, let’s just do it.’ Never once did we ever say, ‘I have to portray myself to be a certain way.'”

Khloe On Teasing Sister Kim Kardashian In Season One
“it’s almost what made it funny because we were doing things just to embarrass Kim — like jumping around and hitting each other because they took it so seriously. We just didn’t care. We’re still like that to a degree.”

Khloe On Kim’s Support
“I don’t think Kim gets enough credit. Kim wants everyone to succeed, everyone to do well. I think we’re all like that. We don’t want to be around a bunch of f*cking losers. We want everyone to be on the same playing field or better than me so I can aspire to be on that level too. They really are such great people, my family. I think it’d be the easiest to talk shit about them, but I just think every one of them plays a certain role. Kim wants everyone to just excel and look their best and feel their best. People might take that as being so vain and it’s not. She even means from the inside out.”

Khloe On People Judging Their Success
“I think people don’t get that we had our stores before. The show was never something that we aspired to do. I never said, “I’ve got to be a reality TV star.” That’s never been anywhere on my wish list. I want to be in retail, I love my stores. I was there for three and half years without one employee. I did my own taxes, I did everything. I don’t care if we’re on the show or not, I’m always going to have my stores. I don’t need to prove to someone what we’re capable of and talent or no — we are businesswomen.”

Khloe On Haters
“I thought it was almost funny how much people wanted to not like us. They’ve tried so hard to hate us, but it’s just not been successful. I don’t know why they want to hate so badly, but they do and that’s okay to me. I just don’t care if you like me or not. It is what it is. I don’t like half the people I meet every day and that’s okay. I don’t want to f*cking like all these people. I’m busy.”

Khloe On Her Happiness
“I’m really happy. I think I’ve worked really hard to be at the place where I am. I have gained so much personal strength, but also personal awareness and it feels good when you can be really content on your own, but genuinely. I have girlfriends that can’t be alone and I find that so unattractive. You can’t give yourself to anybody else and if you can’t stand to be alone with you, why would somebody else want to be alone with you? I am fine sleeping alone. I am not a girl that’s like, ‘F*ck love.’ I’m all for the love story. I think everyone being in love is gorgeous and everyone should have it. But I’m also a girl that could be alone and be fine. Do we wish we had a partner to do certain things with? Of course. I’m not just going to be with someone just because I need someone to sleep next to me at night. I don’t need that.”

Khloe On Momager Kris Jenner
“She’s just too fabulous to be just mom. People give me shit for that, but I’m like, “She’s fabulous, she’s Kris Jenner. It’s not Kris, it’s Kris Jenner.” It’s definitely improved over the years. I’m very hard-headed and I’m very opinionated, I’m just going to tell you how I feel and of course, what mother wants to hear that? But also your mom and your manager, too, is not easy. There’s a lot of times when I’m cussing her out as my manager, but at the same time I would never talk to my manager like that, so I can’t really justify it.”


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