Khloe Kardashian Fears Pregnancy Is Ruining Her Butt?

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Khloe Kardashian Butt Pregnancy

By Shari Weiss |

Khloe Kardashian Butt Pregnancy

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Does Khloe Kardashian really fear pregnancy is ruining her “perfect” butt? That’s the claim coming from a webloid that has a history of spreading nonsense about the reality star. Gossip Cop looked into this latest story and can now reveal what we know.

“Khloe’s Krisis! Inside Pregnant Kardashian’s Saggy Butt Nightmare,” RadarOnline is blaring in a headline on Monday. Though Kardashian has yet to publicly confirm her pregnancy, the site is claiming to have learned that she’s “‘freaking out’ over her changing shape,” and is “convinced her massive butt is starting to sag as a result of pregnancy hormones.” Now she’s “practically straining her neck to check out her backside in the mirror every morning” and upsetting boyfriend Tristan Thompson in the process, according to the outlet.

A so-called “informant” is quoted as saying, “She asks Tristan to take pics of it all the time so she can obsessively compare it to her pre-baby booty… She worries the pregnancy hormones will make it all saggy.” But Thompson, contends the online publication, is “peeved at Kardashian’s shallow concerns.” Asserts the supposed source, “He can’t believe that this is what she’s focused on now that she’s finally having the baby she always wanted.”

Still, the blog maintains “Khloe is up-in-arms because she knows half her fame is thanks to her famous booty.” Sure, maybe the Kardashians’ voluptuous shapes contributed to the attention they earned initially, but it’s ridiculous to suggest their body types are what’s keeping them famous. The mom-to-be’s place in pop culture is not going to suffer if her derriere becomes smaller. The webloid also doesn’t acknowledge that it’s actually more common for pregnant women to gain weight in their butt than to lose it. Then, in the post-natal stage, the butt could become saggy. Kardashian, of course, is not at that point yet, as she still has a few months left before she gives birth.

Perhaps tellingly, this isn’t the first time the site has tried to portray the reality star as vain during her pregnancy but ascribed to her a symptom that doesn’t currently make sense. Last month, for example, the outlet maintained Kardashian was worried she was balding during pregnancy, but hair loss actually occurs, if it does at all, postpartum. It’s also worth noting the suspiciously similar headlines for these two pieces: “Inside Pregnant Kardashian’s Saggy Butt Nightmare” and “Inside Pregnant Khloe’s Big Balding Nightmare.” It’s almost as if the outlet is purposefully trying to paint her in a negative light.

And when those close to the expectant “KUWTK” star have rarely spoken about her pregnancy publicly to even say positive things, why would an “informant” leak information about a supposed pregnancy-related insecurity? Gossip Cop is told that no one genuinely connected to Kardashian actually did. She is, of course, dealing with body changes as all pregnant women do, but no one is blabbing about any downsides she may be experiencing to the same outlet that earlier this year falsely claimed she wanted to adopt niece Dream. Sadly, outlets that should know better, like Celebuzz, are already picking up this bad booty story. Maybe everyone should just butt out?

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