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A story claiming Khloe Kardashian is hoping to give birth to her baby during the NBA All-Star Break was made up. Like several others, it was designed just to exploit the recent news that she's expecting. But while the pregnancy is very much real, Gossip Cop can confirm this related article is 100 percent fake news.

It comes from the fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife, which is announcing in a headline on Tuesday, "Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson: Why She's Hoping Baby Comes During NBA All-Star Break." But right off the bat, it's clear that this report is illegitimate. "While Khloe Kardashian's 1st child's reportedly due early next year, we learned exclusively she wants to give birth during All-Star Weekend," writes the webloid. The language is peculiar. If Kardashian is only "reportedly" due in early 2018, how does the site "exclusively" know when she wants to deliver? It only gets more suspicious from there.

The outlet goes on to write that Kardashian is "rumored to be about five months along in her pregnancy, putting her due date somewhere in February." If the online publication is so in-the-know, as it often claims to be, shouldn't it know for sure how far along the star is, and not just the "rumored" timeline? It calls into question whether the sourcing here is authentic. On that note, how's this for a doozy: While this article is about why Kardashian supposedly wants to give birth during the All-Star break, it's based on a so-called "source close to the Cavs." Say what now? Why would someone connected to the Cleveland Cavaliers be talking about Kardashian's desired due date?

"Tristan will be given a few days off from the Cavs when Khloe goes into labor, and everyone is actually hoping it occurs during the NBA All-Star break so he doesn't miss any time on the court," this supposed snitch allegedly claims to the webloid, adding, "But one thing that is good, is that the All-Star Game is actually in LA this season. So things may work out perfectly, at least that is what everyone is hoping for." That leads the blog to conclude, "So it looks like Khloe's due date falls in between the 16th and the 19th, but anytime in February is also fair game."

Let's break this down: HollywoodLies only knows that Kardashian is "reportedly" pregnant and "rumored" to be five months into her pregnancy, but also "exclusively" knows when she hopes to go into labor. And this information is based solely on someone who is "close" to her boyfriend's basketball team. And this person is purportedly knowledgeable enough to make such assertions, yet apparently couldn't tell the site for sure when Kardashian is due and how far along she is. To say the logic is lacking here would be a severe understatement.

But these issues can easily be explained: When you don't have real sources, when you merely pretend to have insight, you make mistakes. You have inconsistencies. And HollywoodLies clearly fumbled his "exclusive." Gossip Cop previously pointed out how the outlet made up story about Kardashian crying "tears of joy" upon learning she was pregnant. But sources close to the mom-to-be aren't talking about her pregnancy with the same sketchy blog that falsely claimed she and Thompson broke up earlier this year. Still, to keep exploiting this hot topic, the publication shoddily manufactured this NBA-related birth story.

It also seems no coincidence that this story is being peddled on the same day the NBA announced changes to the All-Star Game, making this one article with two highly-searched topics. It's transparent why HollywoodLies makes these tales up and just as obvious when they're totally bogus. And, by the way, Gossip Cop is told this one is indeed phony.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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