Kevin Smith Is Stephen Colbert Superfan, Gets High Watching “Late Show” (VIDEO)

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Kevin Smith Stephen Colbert Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kevin Smith Stephen Colbert Video


Kevin Smith revealed he’s a Stephen Colbert superfan, and that he even gets high watching the “Late Show.” Check out the video below!

Smith was on Friday’s “Late Show” to promote his new movie, Yoga Hosers, which stars his daughter, as well as Johnny Depp’s daughter. But when the longtime actor, comedian, and filmmaker took the stage, he was too excited about being in Colbert’s presence to talk about anything else. And so the late-night host just let him amusingly ramble.

“Can I share, before we go any further, this is such a huge night for me because I — this is going to sound weird — but I wake up to you every morning,” Smith told Colbert. “You’re the first face I see when I wake up.” He explained that he gets up earlier than the rest of his family members, and revealed, “I’m a wake and baker, so I get up and get stoned. First thing I do is watch your show from the night before.”

Pretending to inhale a joint, Smith went, “I’m like, ‘Preach, preach!’ So every morning I sit there and I wake and bake with you. So I watch the show. I’m a religious fan of the show.” He further admitted, “I don’t like doing talk shows because I hate sitting down. I love talking, obviously, but I hate doing talk shows because you have to sit down. I look like Jabba the Hut when I sit down.”

“So I got two talks shows on AMC, one’s called ‘Comic Book Men,’ one’s called ‘Geeking Out,'” Smith continued. “Both shows are designed so I never have to sit down. I’m always standing. So I never like to do talk shows because I have to sit and that’s when I look like my worst and I’m at my weakest. But I was like, I love this show so much, I’m going — I don’t care how fat I look! So I’m here!”

And Smith still wasn’t done gushing about being with Colbert. Watch below!

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