Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are not headed for a split over a lawsuit filed against the comedian by the woman he cheated on her with in 2017. That phony storyline can be found in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned it's baseless.

Hart is being sued for $60 million by Montia Sabbag, who was caught on tape having an intimate encounter with the comic at a Las Vegas hotel in 2017. Sabbag is accusing Hart of hiding a camera in his room to capture the rendezvous and use the scandal as publicity to promote his stand-up tour. The comic has denied having any knowledge of the recording.

Hart and his wife had moved on from his 2017 indiscretion, but according to Star, Sabbag's recent lawsuit has Parrish rethinking things. "Kevin's telling Eniko how sorry he is and how he wishes he could take everything back," an alleged source tells the outlet. "He's deeply apologetic. He's begging for another chance."

The supposed insider further claims that Hart is promising to buy his wife "anything she wants" if she'll forgive him, including "a new car, jewelry, anything." As Gossip Cop has reported, the comedian is currently recovering after sustaining major back injuries in a car accident earlier this month. The suspicious tipster says he's "hoping that tugs at Eniko's heartstrings a little bit."

The tabloid's story is based on claims from an anonymous "insider," but Gossip Cop ran the article by Hart's spokesperson, who tells us it's "100 percent false." The comedian's rep, who's qualified to speak on his behalf, confirms his wife isn't threatening to divorce him over Sabbag's lawsuit. The premise doesn't make much sense either. Parrish forgave her husband for his actual affair, so why would she call off their marriage over a lawsuit stemming from it?

The idea that Hart is trying to win back his wife's love by showering her with gifts is baseless, as is the notion that he's attempting to garner sympathy through his car crash. In reality, Star is attempting to capitalize on two major events that unfolded in the comedian's life this month. His marriage hasn't been impacted by either of them.

It's worth noting, the magazine recently alleged Hart was causing problems in another famous couple's marriage. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Portia de Rossi was divorcing Ellen DeGeneres because she defended Hart on her talk show following the backlash he received from his past homophobic tweets. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid's sister publication, the National Enquirer, for wrongly reporting Hart's friends feared he'd never recover from his car crash injuries. The gossip media just enjoys exploiting the comedian's real-life controversies with fake angles about them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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