Story About Kevin Hart’s Wife Giving Permission To Talk Cheating Scandal On Tour Is Made-Up

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Kevin Hart Tour Jokes Wife

By Michael Lewittes |

Kevin Hart Tour Jokes Wife

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A new story about how Kevin Hart will joke about his cheating scandal on his Irresponsible comedy tour, only after receiving “permission” from his wife Eniko Parrish, is made-up. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on in this fabricated report. We’re told no one in Hart’s inner circle is telling this to a website that’s known for manufacturing claims and quotations.

In its latest concocted article, HollywoodLife asserts it knows why Parrish gave Hart the “green light” to mock his cheating scandals, which include the comedian getting caught on tape having sex with a woman in Las Vegas. The often discredited outlet pretends it has inside information when it writes that Hart is “planning to joke about the recent cheating allegations… when he heads out on tour in 2018.” In reality, the website simply used the promo Hart recently posted for his upcoming Irresponsible tour that shows the comedian mocking his own reported infidelities in both Miami and Las Vegas (see below).

From there, HollywoodLies, as it’s sometimes known, has a seemingly made-up “source” explain Hart’s cheating will figure into his routine during the Irresponsible tour because “Kevin’s always used his real life for his comedy.” The alleged “insider” maintains Hart “has to talk about it,” and Parrish “gave her permission.” “It would be worse to ignore it,” adds the questionable tipster.

Basically, it appears that after the release of the promo the Irresponsible tour, which indicates that a lot of the jokes will be about his cheating scandal, HollywoodLies went back to its main “source,” Captain Obvious, for phony quotes to back up its story. Clearly, if Parrish wasn’t okay with Hart mocking his infidelities, the comedian would not risk his marriage by going on tour poking fun at those incidents that hurt her and their relationship. Still, Gossip Cop went back to an actual Hart confidante who assures us that no one inside his trusted world is sharing stories about him and Parrish with websites.

Naturally, this come as no surprise to Gossip Cop, which has busted the outlet on several occasions for manufacturing tall tales about the comedian and his wife. Among HollywoodLife’s fake news stories was Hart buying Parrish a push present that cost $250,000. We also corrected the site when it falsely claimed Parrish makes Hart check in hourly after cheating on her. Neither of those reports were true or fed by legitimate insiders, nor is the new article that asserts a source told the website Parrish gave Hart “permission” to make jokes about him being unfaithful.

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