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More than anyone, Kevin Hart knows the good comes with the bad. This year, the comedian's enjoyed the runaway success of the sequels to Jumanji and The Secret Life of Pets. The former just brought in over $200 million during its worldwide opening last week. He's also had a rough go of it with lawsuits and relationship drama. The biggest news about Kevin Hart, however, was his September car crash that left him and a friend with severe back injuries.

Although initial reports were hazy, Hart made a fantastic recovery with the help of his doctors and physical therapists. He's breezed his way through Jumanji: The Next Level's press junket without any signs of lingering injuries. For that reason, we're dubbing the National Enquirer's "report" on his recovery the Top Kevin Hart Rumor of 2019.

The tabloid claimed that his friends were terrified that the crash paralyzed Hart for the rest of his life. Hart spent 10 days in the hospital after the crash and went through back surgery. Afterwards, he spent some time in a rehab clinic to finish his recovery. The outlet took advantage of this with its blatantly false story.

The publication said that Hart's inner circle were skeptical about his recovery before citing a doctor that's never treated the comedian. The doctor, who never even met Hart, said that back surgery's "high failure rate" could have several possible negative outcomes. The comedian's friends, the outlet said, doubted he'd ever "fully recover" from the ordeal and figured Hart would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

The idea is laughable now since Hart's obviously fine and recovered after the crash. That being said, it's awfully low to try and take advantage of such a serious situation. Fortunately, the rumor was clearly false at the time of its initial publishing. Hart's innermost circle of friends and colleagues said nothing but positive things about Hart's recovery.

Hart's wife, Eniko Parrish, said that he'd be "just fine" and would recover "in no time." His Jumanji co-star Dwayne Johnson cracked jokes about Hart on talk shows and said the comedian was doing great. The president of Hart's entertainment company, HartBeat Productions, issued a statement directly mentioning Hart's expected "full recovery." Gossip Cop even checked with our very own source in Hart's camp. They immediately dismissed the tabloid's report as fiction.

Recovering from a crash and back surgery isn't an easy process, but he's earned a break after such an intense event. It doesn't seem like he'll use that break, however, with multiple projects set to enter pre and post-production next year. Plus, as we said earlier, Hart's been active in the lead-up to Jumanji: The Next Level's release. He's got an extremely personal six-part Netflix documentary set to release just after Christmas. Kevin Hart's in for another action-packed year of success and struggles. It's just further proof that he's not letting his crash slow him down.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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