Kevin Hart Throws Stranger’s Phone During Strip Club Fight (VIDEO)

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Kevin Hart Strip Club Fight Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kevin Hart Strip Club Fight Video

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Kevin Hart is seen on camera grabbing a stranger’s phone and smashing it on the ground during a fight outside a Canadian strip club. Check out the video below.

Hart was filmed outside Quebec’s Le Pigale after an alleged dispute between his personal bodyguards and club security spilled out onto the street. According to TMZ, Hart and his posse made a hasty exit from the venue, allegedly pushing through the crowd and angering the security on duty. Footage taken at the scene shows a big group, said to be the two sides, arguing next to a waiting car.

As pushing and shoving ensues, a few people take out phones to record the so-called “melee.” At one point, however, Hart grabs the cell phone of the person filming him, and throws it over everyone’s heads. It can be heard crashing to the ground.

When things calm down enough for Hart to leave, a reported waitress approaches his car, allegedly asking for payment after the actor-comedian supposedly walked out without playing his $65 bill. Hart and his ride, however, take off. TMZ reports there is no ill will, though, citing Le Pigale’s manager as chalking up the situation to a “misunderstanding.”

The incident, which Hart has not mentioned on social media, took place while he was in Canada last weekend for his “What Now” comedy tour. Watch below.

UPDATE: Hart tweeted midday Tuesday, “People try to make a story out of anything….I threw the guys cell phone because he was being disrespectful…” He went on to deny some outlets’ claims that he was actually thrown out of the strip club. “Also I wasn’t thrown out of anywhere…we were leaving and there was commotion so we left promptly. I don’t do drama & never have people,” he wrote. Hart then joked, “Lmao I’m really mad that my little ass didn’t throw it further…my arms & chest were sore as hell from my workout so my throw wasn’t [expletive] #LittleManProblems.”


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