Kevin Hart Scared Of “Racist” Snake On Australia’s ‘Today Show’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Kevin Hart Scared Snake

By Andrew Shuster |

Kevin Hart Scared Snake

(Today Show)

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube appeared on Australia’s “Today Show” on Monday, but Hart didn’t get along so well with the talk show’s fellow guests: a lizard and a giant snake, which he deemed “racist.” See the funny video below!

Hart and Ice Cube visited the Australian morning show to promote the international release of their new movie Ride Along 2, but the diminutive comedian was less than thrilled to join the co-hosts on their follow-up segment featuring reptiles. “I didn’t work this hard to make it here, to die today,” Hart joked.

The actor stayed several feet away as the reptile wrangler brought out a blue-tongued lizard, but his co-star had no problem getting up close. “Cube don’t touch that!” the comedian yelled, adding, “Oh, God!” several times.

But the lizard was nothing compared to the next “guest,” a giant snake which the wrangler classified as a “black-headed python.” A terrified Hart said, “Oh Cube, back up from that one, brother. Back up!” Ice Cube happened to have been wearing a snakeskin jacket during his appearance on the show, leading Hart to yell, “You got his cousin on your back! Don’t touch that. If you touch that snake with a snakeskin jacket, it’s gonna go bad!”

But the former rapper held the snake, much to Hart’s horror. Hart continued to try and dissuade his co-star by shouting, “You’re way too close, Cube! You’re gonna blow the movie. Cube’s about to die.” And when that failed to get Ice Cube to back off, Hart insisted, “Snakes are racist! They don’t like black people!” Watch the hilarious video below of Hart’s encounter with reptiles on Australia’s “Today Show.”


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