Story About Kevin Hart Buying Eniko Parrish $250,000 Push Present Is Fake News

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Kevin Hart Push Present Eniko Parrish

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Kevin Hart Push Present Eniko Parrish

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A report claiming that Kevin Hart is buying Eniko Parrish a $250,000 “push present” is nothing more than a fabrication. Gossip Cop is told by a mutual friend of ours and the comedic actor that a new article alleging he’s picking up an expensive, diamond piece of jewelry for his pregnant wife is simply “made-up.” Naturally, the fake news story is just trying to capitalize on Hart’s cheating scandal.

According to the creative writers at HollywoodLife, in an effort to do “damage control,” as well as to show how wife his “love and commitment,” Hart is ready to drop a quarter of a million dollars on Parrish’s “push present.” The often discredited site quotes a so-called “source” saying Hart is “planning the ultimate push present” for his expectant wife. The almost assuredly concocted “source” adds, “He hasn’t picked it out yet, but… it is going to be very expensive and have lots of diamonds.”

So, what is Hart getting Parrish? HollywoodLies, as it’s aptly nicknamed, has no idea. It alleges the comedian is buying a “ring, necklace, or something classy” in the $250,000 price range. Of course, other than the amount, jewelry is a fairly common “push present.” The repeatedly disproven outlet then editorializes that Parrish “deserves all the diamonds in the world” for sticking with Hart after he had a sexual encounter with another woman in Las Vegas.

Here’s what’s really going on: Following Hart’s taped apology for cheating on his wife, the website went into high gear and started spinning one wholly untrue article after another. In fact, 24 hours before HollywoodLife published this fake news story about Parrish’s supposed “push present,” the website posted another fabricated claim about Hart’s wife demanding he give her all the passwords to his phone, so that she can keep tabs on him. But it’s all lies. As noted above, Gossip Cop has an impeccable Hart insider, who assures us the outlet’s “exclusive” reports are pure fiction and entirely “made-up.”

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