Kevin Hart Tells Howard Stern: Justin Bieber Is “Invited To My Wedding” (AUDIO)

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Kevin Hart Howard Stern Justin Bieber

By Andrew Shuster |

Kevin Hart Howard Stern Justin Bieber

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Kevin Hart revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” that his friendship with Justin Bieber is the real deal, so much so that the singer will be invited to the actor’s upcoming wedding. Listen to the interview audio below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Hart hosted Comedy Central’s roast of Bieber last March. He told Stern that the pop star “took it like a man,” adding, “It was time, because he had to put all that stuff behind him, and what better way to do it then making fun of yourself?” But Stern interjected, “He seems f***ed up again though,” possibly referring to an incident last week where Bieber was kicked out of a Mayan archeological site for allegedly climbing on the ancient ruins. Hart responed, “Bieber’s young. Me and Bieber are actually good friends… It’s not a fictional thing.”

As for whether the singer will get the invite to the comedian’s August nuptials with Eniko Parrish, Hart said, “He’s invited. I don’t know if he’ll be there.” The actor added that Bieber is a “great guy,” and went on to defend his sometimes controversial behavior. “You can’t throw that type of money and success at a person that young an age, and expect them to survive it free and clear,” Hart expressed. “They’re going to make mistakes.”

The comic went on to joke, “If I was famous when I was 14, and you all saw some of the dumb s**t that I did, it would be all over the place.” Listen to Hart’s “Stern Show” interview below!


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