Kevin Hart On ‘Howard Stern’: Dave Chappelle Better Than Chris Rock And Me (AUDIO)

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Kevin Hart Howard Stern 2017 Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Kevin Hart Howard Stern 2017 Interview

(Howard Stern Show)

On Monday’s “Howard Stern Show,” Kevin Hart revealed that he and Chris Rock threw out their comedy material and went back to the drawing board after watching Dave Chappelle’s much superior stand-up act. Listen to highlights from the interview in the audio below!

During an appearance on the SiriusXM show to promote his new book, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, Hart discussed some of his contemporaries in comedy and the process of writing a stand-up act. The comedian first recalled a recent night that he and Chris Rock tried out some new material at the Comedy Cellar in New York, and both got off stage satisfied with their performance.

But Hart went on to say, “Dave [Chappelle] pops in later that night. Me and Chris go downstairs so we can watch Dave. Keep in mind, me and Chris are excited. Dave went on stage. It was so good that me and Chris just took what we had, we balled it up. We threw it in the trash.” He added, “I was so disgusted at seeing where my level of thinking was after seeing where Dave was.”

Hart went on to reveal his strategy for cultivating a solid stand-up act, which often includes doing 45 sets in a week until he gets it right. The comic further admitted, “Bombing’s the best feeling in the world at this position because you know that you’re not being cheated. When I’m bombing, they’re being honest. You need that. You need to be able to check yourself and go, ‘Oh, wait, this may not be good.'” Listen to highlights from Hart’s “Howard Stern Show” interview in the audio below!

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