Kevin Hart Tells Google: Stop Mistaking Me For Bill Cosby! (PHOTO)

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Kevin Hart Bill Cosby Google Net Worth

By Andrew Shuster |

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Kevin Hart would like Google to know that he is not Bill Cosby. Some fans recently discovered that if one were to search for “Bill Cosby’s net worth,” a photo of Hart appeared instead of the disgraced elder comedian. And on Thursday, Hart asked the internet company to correct its mistake. See the Google search photo below.

Searching for Cosby’s monetary value recently resulted in the top of Google’s page displaying a box with a short biography of his career, a statement about his estimated net worth of $400 million, and… a picture of Hart. The information was accurate, but the problem is that Hart and Cosby are not the same person. Hart didn’t star on “The Cosby Show,” as the bio indicates, nor is he worth $400 million. The fellow actor and comedian actually has to settle for a mere $62 million.

After the mixup was brought to Hart’s attention, he tweeted, “@google can you please take my picture off of ‘Bills Cosby’s’ net worth search. Thanks in advance guys!!!! Appreciate ya.” As of now, the search engine has removed Hart’s photo, but it hasn’t entirely fixed the error. Instead of replacing him with a picture of Cosby, searching for the term “Bill Cosby’s net worth” now no longer provides a result at the top of the page. See a photo below of what initially popped up!

Kevin Hart Bill Cosby Google



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