Truth About Kevin Hart’s Marriage

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By Griffin Matis |

Kevin Hart marriage cheating truth

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Kevin Hart married Eniko Parrish in 2016 after a two-year engagement. The couple suffered a rough patch after the comedian was caught cheating on his wife in 2017, but they’ve since worked through those issues. Hart’s extramarital affair was with model Montia Sabbag, who’s now suing him over a hidden recording of their encounter. The drama surrounding the initial affair and the subsequent lawsuit has stirred up a fair amount of mistruths, which Gossip Cop has had to correct.

Back in September 2017, HollywoodLife claimed Parrish would’ve left Hart after the affair if she wasn’t pregnant with his child at the time. The site said, “Eniko has told Kevin… she is trying to put it all behind them for the sake of the baby.” Gossip Cop checked with one of our Hart sources, who told us the article was incorrect. Additionally, the couple had been photographed a number of times together after he apologized for the affair, and it was clear she wasn’t threatening to leave.

That same week, MediaTakeOut published a phony story about Sabbag being pregnant with Hart’s baby. This was based solely on the fact that she didn’t respond to an interview question about whether or not Hart wore protection during their encounter. The whole situation was incredibly odd, but Gossip Cop looked into the claims regardless. An individual in Hart’s camp assured us the claims were “made-up.” As time has proven, Sabbag never gave birth.

Later that month, HollywoodLife tried again with a bogus article about Parrish forcing Hart to check in with her every hour. A mysterious “insider” told the site that Parrish was forcing Hart to “call, text or facetime with her constantly, throughout the day, whenever they are apart.” The bogus story was written to capitalize on the cheating scandal, but there was no truth to it. Gossip Cop‘s Hart source reassured us there were no required check-ins for his marriage.

A few weeks later, RadarOnline got in on the action with a false report about Parrish putting Hart on a “lifelong curfew.” The incredibly bizarre story said Hart “can’t party and let his hair down like he used to because Eniko tracks his every move and makes him 100 percent accountable for wherever he’s been.” This was supposedly part of some agreement/contract that “has no expiration date” and requires Hart to “check in” with his wife every two hours and be home by 11 p.m. Gossip Cop checked with Hart’s rep, who dismissed the story as nonsense.

Most recently, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Hart and Parrish were heading for a divorce as a result of the aforementioned lawsuit from Sabbag. Even though the couple had moved on past his previous indiscretions, the publication alleged that the lawsuit caused Parrish to doubt their union. The tabloid’s anonymous “source” claimed Hart has promised Parrish “anything she wants” for her forgiveness, including “a new car, jewelry, anything.” We checked with Hart’s spokesperson, who told us it was “100 percent false.” The article was just another attempt to ride the wave of interest in the comedian, and it was just as false as the rest of these made-up rumors.


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