Kevin Hart NOT Put On “Lifelong Curfew” By Eniko Parrish, Despite Claim

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Kevin Hart Curfew Eniko Parrish Cheating Scandal

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Kevin Hart Curfew Eniko Parrish Cheating Scandal

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Has Kevin Hart really been given a “lifelong curfew” by Eniko Parrish after his cheating scandal? That’s the latest claim being made by one of the gossip sites, but Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this bogus report. We’re told it’s “100 percent false.”

In a RadarOnline story titled, “Lockdown! Kevin Hart’s Wife Puts Him On Lifelong Curfew After Cheating Scandal,”a so-called “insider” tells the outlet, “He can’t party and let his hair down like he used to because Eniko tracks his every move and makes him 100 percent accountable for wherever he’s been.” The site’s supposed “snitch” goes on to claim that Hart “willingly signed up” for the alleged curfew, and is “bound to the agreement” for the rest of his life.

“It’s a curfew that has no expiration date and he’s signed up for it because he had no choice,” says the alleged insider, adding, “Those were her terms for not leaving him.” The questionable source further notes that Hart has to “check in [with Parrish] every two hours when they’re apart” and “when he does go out she expects him back by 11 p.m.”

Parrish remains hurt, even after Hart publicly apologized to her for cheating, but the website’s assertion that she’s put her husband on a “permanent curfew” is entirely fabricated. In actuality, Hart is currently in Europe promoting the upcoming release of Jumaji while Parrish is at home in Los Angeles taking care of their newborn baby. Clearly, the star is not on a tight leash, nor does Parrish expect her husband to be back every night by 11 p.m. Regardless, a rep for Hart exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report is “100 percent false.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has corrected an online outlet for posting untrue stories about the couple. For example, we busted HollywoodLife in September when it similarly maintained Parrish made Hart check in with her hourly after his cheating scandal. There was no truth to that tall tale, and the same goes for this latest article.