Kevin Hart Cheating Rumors Exploited By HollywoodLife With Made-Up Stories

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Kevin Hart Cheating Made Up Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Kevin Hart Cheating Made Up Stories


Kevin Hart was one of this week’s hot topics after reports claimed he cheated on pregnant wife Eniko Parrish. HollywoodLife sought to exploit the subject as much as possible, including by making up two supposedly “exclusive” stories that were really just fake news.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Wednesday the National Enquirer and RadarOnline both published fuzzy paparazzi photos of Hart in a car with another woman. Taken in Miami earlier this month, the pictures showed the comedic actor turned around in the front seat so he could talk to the woman in the back seat. Because of that positioning, their faces appeared as if they were close together, and both outlets spun it as if they were actually kissing and Hart was caught cheating on Parrish. As we noted, however, a rep for the star denied any inappropriate behavior took place, and he himself called the claims “B.S.”

HollywoodLies, though, wasn’t content to simply address the original report and Hart’s denial. Since Wednesday, the webloid has published 13 stories — 13! — to skin this cat in every sensational way possible. On Thursday, that included an article headlined, “Why Kevin Hart Isn’t Worried About The Cheating Rumors – He Wouldn’t Make Same Mistake.” In the post, the site claimed it “EXCLUSIVELY” learned the stand-up comedian wasn’t “sweating the headlines.”

Then on Friday, another post was headlined, “Kevin Hart Promises Pregnant Wife Eniko To Never Embarrass Again: ‘He’s So Sorry.’” In this new one, the online outlet proclaimed that, in the wake of Hart being “spotted with another woman, it had “EXCLUSIVE details on how he’s never going to make that mistake again.” Both pieces were based on a “source.” But Gossip Cop can reveal that neither of these “exclusive” stories appear to be authentic or legitimate.

Hart’s camp is not commenting on this subject aside from the flat denial already issued and his own remarks on Instagram and briefly to “Entertainment Tonight.” No one genuinely close to him is otherwise discussing this matter publicly, and reputable publications have not run any such “source” stories about the situation. So, we’re supposed to believe HollywoodLies, a site known for being a fabrication factory, is the only outlet that scored such scoops? Call us cynical, but Gossip Cop isn’t buying it.

And from our own investigation, it seems these two stories were simply made up and only done so so HollywoodLies could capitalize on a topic that happened to dominate Twitter one night this week. After all, Gossip Cop has pointed out many other instances when the webloid has taken a real news story and built multiple fake news stories around it just for the sake of traffic from Google and fans. From what we can tell, that’s exactly what’s going on here.

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