Kevin Hart Responds To Twitter Attacker: I Don’t Make “Black Movies”

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Kevin Hart Black Movies

By Andrew Shuster |

Kevin Hart Black Movies

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Kevin Hart responded to a Twitter user on Thursday who accused him of making movies exclusively about black stereotypes. In a series of tweets, the comedic actor shot back that he doesn’t make so-called “black movies,” and that such a mindset only serves to separate black actors from the rest of Hollywood.

A woman using the Twitter handle @tashyonlaneigh kicked off Hart’s rant when she wrote, “When are black celebs like @KevinHart4real & @MarlonWayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?” Shortly later, Hart responded, “When are black people going to stop being so hard on their own kind… We can’t do better until we support each other.”

Hart continued, “From the movie business…Ex ‘Black Movies’….I make movies for everyone, I’m actually overseas promoting my movie on a international level… I’m busting my ass so other actors of color can eventually get the title ‘Black Movie Category’ removed from the projects that we do.”

The actor further told his Twitter detractor, “I want u 2 realize that people with ur mindset & level of thinking are the reason why our movies get categorized… In the future @tashyonlaneigh I don’t want 2 hear u complain about any of da problems that Black actors r havin Bcuz ur apart of the problem.”

Hart then signed off by taking the opportunity to plug his new movie, writing, “With that being said go see Ride Along 2 because it’s a good ‘MOVIE.'”


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