Kevin Hart Teases Amy Schumer Hours Before She Hosts “SNL” (PHOTO)

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Kevin Hart Amy Schumer SNL Text

By Shari Weiss |

Kevin Hart Amy Schumer SNL Text

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Kevin Hart teased Amy Schumer about “SNL” just hours before she’s set to host this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” See photo below.

Hart texted Schumer at 11:26 a.m. Eastern, as evident by a screengrab Schumer posted on Twitter exactly four minutes later. “Hostile text @KevinHart4real #snl,” she captioned the photo. And, well, Hart’s message wasn’t so friendly.

He wrote to Schumer, “Hey I know your [sic] hosting SNL tonight… If you get nervous during your monologue just tell the audience you know me. I promise it will help. Or you can Face Time me but I probably wouldn’t be able to pick up because I’m busy doing stuff. Just spit balling here… I’m trying to help… you know what f*ck it… you will be fine… I hope… God Bless… K Hart Out.”

Of course, it’s likely Hart’s text was all in good fun. The message actually fits right in with the star’s brand of comedy, and Schumer’s tagging of him in her post suggests she knew he was joking. And as she’ll likely prove on “SNL,” she can both take it as well as dish it with the best of them.

This will be Schumer’s first time hosting the iconic NBC series, and the gig comes just a few weeks after she won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series with “Inside Amy Schumer.” Gossip Cop will have full coverage of “SNL” later tonight. For his part, Hart has hosted twice, including earlier this year. Check out the text photo below, and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: As Gossip Cop suspected, Hart was just joking around with his text message. Schumer tweeted a few hours after sharing it, “Hey click bait Kevin’s text was funny. He was messing with me. We are friends. Booooo.” She also revealed more of their exchange (see below). Hart later retweeted that post and added, “It’s hard for people to understand beautiful Comedic Humor sometimes lmao… Love u lady. Now go be great.” He also wrote to Schumer, “Good luck chump….Ur going to be great. So happy for u Jerk lol.”

Amy Schumer Kevin Hart Text Photo


Amy Schumer Kevin Hart Text Message Photo



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