Kevin Gates: I’m Having Sex With My Cousin, and It’s Great! (VIDEO)

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Kevin Gates Sex Cousin

By Daniel Gates |

Kevin Gates Sex Cousin


Kevin Gates is having sex with his cousin, he wants you to know it, and he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. The New Orleans rapper made the startling admission in a series of expletive-laced Instagram videos this week, and seems baffled that anyone would think his incestuous relationship is a problem. Watch the shocking clips below.

Apparently, Gates recently learned from his grandmother that the woman with whom he’s been sexually involved for three months is actually his cousin. A lot of people would probably think this knowledge would end the sex. Gates is defiant.

In a video captioned, “Real Talk #bwa #idgt,” the rapper declares, “[People were saying], ‘Y’all look like brother and sister.’ Sh*t no. I’m f*ckin’ the sh*t out of her, I come to find out she my cousin, ya heard me? But I ain’t about to stop f*ckin’ with her. Sh*t, the p*ssy good, and we click! I ain’t grow up with you, knowing you was my people!”

It seems as though some of Gates’ fans were a little stunned to hear he planned to keep having sex with his cousin, so he explained in a second clip. “Man, ya’ll gonna stay out of my f*cking business… You mean to tell me if you been f*ckin’ with somebody for three months, everything beautiful, your grandmother come tell you one day, ‘you know that’s your cousin,’ y’all done got the hard part out the way! Why f*ck up a good thing? I don’t get that!” Um… thoughts? NOTE: Gates has since removed the Instagram videos.


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