Keshia Knight Pulliam: I Haven’t Spoken To Bill Cosby In More Than 5 Years (VIDEO)

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Keshia Knight Pulliam Cosby Celebrity Apprentice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Keshia Knight Pulliam Cosby Celebrity Apprentice Video


Keshia Knight Pulliam was slammed on Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice” premiere for not calling Bill Cosby for a donation to her team’s fundraiser. The criticism led the former child star to reveal she hadn’t spoken to her onscreen patriarch in half a decade. Check out the videos below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the first challenge of season 7 required the two teams to bring in as much money as possible, whether through selling pies or scoring donations from “high rollers.” Team mate Kenya Moore wondered why the “Cosby kid,” who was project manager, wasn’t trying to get a “big donation” from Cosby, but Pulliam deflected the questions.

After it was revealed her team lost, Pulliam was again called out for not contacting Cosby. Moore said in the boardroom, “If I was Rudy Huxtable and I was known for being America’s favorite daughter… I would’ve called my TV dad for a contribution.” Donald Trump agreed, and commended Moore for making the point.

Put on the spot, Pulliam got defensive and angrily revealed, “I have not spoken to Bill Cosby on the phone in I don’t know how long. So for me to pick up the phone and having not talked to you for five years, except for when we run into each other for a ‘Cosby’ event, I feel that’s not my place to do.”

Trump, however, wasn’t swayed. “You have this tremendous guy, with this tremendous amount of money, and in one phone call, you could’ve won the whole task very easily.” Guest advisor and former winner Piers Morgan also criticized Pulliam, saying a “falling out” shouldn’t have stopped her from “putting a call in,” and saying, “It’s for charity, Bill.” He also suggested that Pulliam shouldn’t have offered to be project manager on a fundraising task “if you didn’t have a Bill Cosby lined up.”

As it came time for Trump to make a decision about who to fire, he again told Pulliam, “You didn’t make one call that I really believe if you called that gentleman, he would’ve helped you, even if you hadn’t spoken to him in years… So I think it would’ve been a very good call to make for charity. But you have to take responsibility.” He then uttered, “Keshia, you’re fired.”

It’s worth noting, however, that this was filmed in the fall of 2013, a year before Cosby found himself embroiled in his current sex scandal, in which he’s been accusing of assaulting more than 20 women. The timeline also likely means it’s now at least six years since the former co-stars have talked.

Pulliam appeared on the “Today Show” Monday morning to talk about her elimination, and defended her choice not to hit up someone she hadn’t spoken to in a long time for money, arguing that it wouldn’t have been morally or ethically right. She was also asked about the allegations against Cosby. “That’s just not the man I know, so I can’t speak to it,” Pulliam said. “You can’t take away from the great that he has done.” Check out the videos below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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