Kesha Tells Taylor Swift: “I Support You Always,” Especially During Sexual Assault Trial

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Kesha Support Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Kesha Support Taylor Swift

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Kesha is publicly expressing support for Taylor Swift during her sexual assault trial. The message comes one year after Swift donated $250,000 towards Kesha’s legal battle with Dr. Luke.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Swift was sued by Denver deejay David Mueller, who claimed he was wrongfully fired from his radio gig after the singer falsely accused him of groping her at a meet and greet. She in turn counter-sued him for assault and battery, maintaining he grabbed her butt. The trial began last week, and on Friday, a judge dismissed Swift as a defendant in the case, ruling there was no evidence that she personally did anything improper that led to his firing.

Her mom and radio liaison, however, can still be found liable by a jury. In addition, jurors will also render a verdict on Swift’s countersuit, for which she’s seeking just $1 in damages. As her attorney explained in his opening statement, the superstar’s lawsuit is not about financial gain, but standing up against sexual assault. Now with closing arguments expected Monday, Kesha took to Twitter this morning to show solidarity with her fellow performer.

She tweeted to Swift, “i support you always, and especially right now and admire your strength and fearlessness. truth is always the answer.” Swift has not used Twitter since May, but a number of other celebrities have also been tweeting her messages of support. Kesha’s statement, however, is particularly noteworthy because of their history. As Gossip Cop reported in February 2016, Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with her financial needs as she battled Dr. Luke.

Kesha accused the producer of sexually and verbally abusing her, and he responded by alleging defamation. Their dueling lawsuits have yet to be resolved, but just days ago, the singer released her first album since the dispute began. Following the donation last year, Kesha’s mom praised Swift as a “truly rich person.” In contrast, Demi Lovato said she was not “impressed” by Swift handing over money, as opposed to using her voice to make an impact on public consciousness.

Lovato later backed down, acknowledging, “Everyone has their own way of giving support to others, and at the end of the day, helping victims is all that matters.” That said, Lovato slammed Swift again in a Glamour interview a few months later, this time ripping her for supposedly not supporting feminism and women’s empowerment. Notably, unlike Kesha, Lovato has not said anything about Swift’s ongoing sexual assault trial.

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