Kesha Does NOT Regret Dr. Luke Lawsuit, Despite Made-Up Report

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Kesha lawsuit

By Michael Lewittes |

Kesha lawsuit

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Kesha is not regretting suing Dr. Luke, despite a completely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up story. We’re told it’s a “tall tale.”

According to a fictional piece by HollywoodLife, Kesha is “cash-strapped,” and thinks she may have made a mistake suing Dr. Luke and Sony. One of the terribly unreliable site’s sources claims Kesha is having “regrets” about have pursued litigation against the producer and her label. A seemingly fake “source” tells the webloid the singer is taking on a “low-paying gig” at an unnamed college because she’s “cash poor” and needs the money to “stay afloat.” HollywoodLies’ so-called “source” adds that Kesha is having “regrets for some of her recent decisions.”

First off, Kesha is not “cash-strapped” or “poor.” As Gossip Cop exclusively reported last month, the singer has “plenty of money.” Additionally, as we noted, Taylor Swift generously showed her support for Kesha with a $250,000 donation. But more importantly, Gossip Cop is assured by a Kesha insider that she absolutely does not have any “regrets” about suing Dr. Luke. Our impeccable source tells us the webloid’s story is simply a “tall tale” and entirely untrue

Shockingly, somehow while trying concoct a new angle for traffic, HollywoodLies seems to have forgotten that Kesha’s lawsuit goes well beyond money. It’s about sexual assault. As the singer herself wrote on her Facebook page three weeks ago, “This case has never been about a renegotiation of my record contract… I would be willing to work with Sony if they do the right thing and break all ties that bind me to my abuser.”

She continued, “This issue is bigger than just about me,” adding that she wanted to support other young women who are “afraid that they will be punished if they speak out about being abused, especially if their abuser is in a position of power.” Dr. Luke has repeatedly denied assaulting the singer. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop reached out the writer of the HollywoodLife story to see if she struck by the “tall tale,” but she seemingly has refused to comment.

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Kesha is regretting suing Dr. Luke.


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