Dr. Luke Denies Kesha’s Claim She Can’t Release New Music Or Make Money

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By Andrew Shuster |

Dr Luke Kesha New Music

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Dr. Luke’s team is denying Kesha’s claim in a new interview that she’s legally prohibited from releasing new music and has no ability to make money. An attorney for the record producer insists it was Kesha’s own decision not to work on a new album, and he’s in no way preventing the singer from earning a living.

Kesha sued her former producer in 2014, claiming he had raped, drugged and emotionally abused her throughout their working relationship. Dr. Luke denied the allegations and immediately countersued for defamation and breach of contract. The situation, which has resulted in numerous court cases, dismissals and appeals over the past two years, was covered Wednesday in a New York Times Magazine profile piece on Kesha. But shortly after the article was published, Dr. Luke’s lawyer, Christine Lepera, released a statement to Gossip Cop maintaing that the piece “has many inaccuracies.”

The attorney specifically referred to a section in the article that indicated the singer “has very limited means of income,” and is being forced to spend all of her earnings on litigation. “Kesha has no ability to earn money,” reads the New York Times Magazine piece, “outside of touring for audiences of a few hundred, paying expenses from her own pocket, and that, as Kesha’s side has suggested, not allowing her to release music is a good way to prevent her from being able to afford continued litigation.”

In response to those claims, Dr. Luke’s lawyer said, “This article is part of a continuing coordinated press campaign by Kesha to mislead the public, mischaracterize what has transpired over the last two years, and gain unwarranted sympathy.” Lepera further contended, “It was entirely [Kesha’s] choice not to provide her label with any music,” adding, “Kesha was always free to move forward with her music, and an album could have been released long ago had she done so.”

The attorney noted in her statement, “Kesha’s claim in the article that she has no ability to earn money outside of touring is completely rebutted by well documented public court records which apparently escaped the article’s attention.” Dr. Luke’s lawyer also told the New York Times that the rape and abuse allegations are “horrific” and “simply not true.” And Lepera maintained Kesha’s entire lawsuit was filed for “contract negotiation leverage,” and the singer “never intended to prove her claims.” She added on Dr. Luke’s behalf, “Nevertheless, [Kesha] continues to maliciously level false accusations in the press to attack our client.”

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