Kerry Washington: Las Vegas Gun Deaths Should Be Politicized – Watch “The View” Video

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Kerry Washington The View Las Vegas Shooting

By Shari Weiss |

Kerry Washington The View Las Vegas Shooting


Kerry Washington insisted on “The View” on Thursday that America should address gun violence and politicize the deaths from the Las Vegas shooting. Watch the video below.

Washington was on the ABC talk show to promote the season premiere of “Scandal,” but Joy Behar started off by noting that they always love having her on because she’s not afraid to discuss hot topics. The comedienne then said, “We’ve been talking this whole week about the tragic situation that occurred.” The actress actually at first thought Behar was referring to Donald Trump’s presidency, prompting her to remark, “We’ve been talking almost a year now about this tragic situation.”

Behar clarified that she meant the massacre in Las Vegas, and asked Washington for her take on those who say this isn’t the time to talk about gun control. She responded, “It’s hard, because to be honest, I was very emotionally impacted by Las Vegas. And unfortunately, there’s not going to be a good time to talk about it bevause the situation with guns in this country is that every single day we are losing someone to gun violence, so the only time to talk about it is as soon as possible.”

“And also,” Washington continued, “I know there’s a lot of people who say we shouldn’t politicize deaths. You know, for me, god forbid, if anything happened to me, I’m telling you ladies, I want you to politicize it forever. Go ahead and politicize it.” When Behar said she shouldn’t be talking about her own death, Washington acknowledged, “It’s a horrible thing to say.” The political talk continued when Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that the star’s parents are activists. She shared, “I feel really grateful that my parents are people who participate in democracy. When I turned 18, it was a big rite of passage.”

Washington went on to say, “For me, the tragedy that happened a year ago is that half the country didn’t vote.” She urged, “We all have to show up. It’s what democracy means.” The conversation became more lighthearted as it went on, with the Emmy nominee joking about the end of her hit show, “The only place I’ll have to work is here. I’ll come here after ‘Scandal.'” As Gossip Cop reported, Washington was also on “GMA” this morning. And when she was on “The View” back in June, Washington called herself a “nasty woman” in a nod to Hillary Clinton. Check out new video from “The View” below.

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