Kerry Washington, Ken Jeong Play ‘Famous Face-Off’ With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

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Kerry Washington Ken Jeong Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kerry Washington Ken Jeong Jimmy Fallon Video


Kerry Washington and Ken Jeong played a new game called “Famous Face-Off” with Jimmy Fallon and Higgins on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

Before the game began, the foursome shared a sweet and funny group hug. Fallon then explained the rules: Each would hold up a mask representing a celebrity, unaware of which star he or she was pretending to be. His or her team mate would then have to give clues to correctly identify the person. The “best of three” winners would be determined by which team was NOT currently holding a mask when the buzzer sounded at the end of each round.

Washington was initially confused with the teams, prompting Fallon to say of Jeong, “No, we don’t help him. We don’t enjoy him. We don’t like him right now. Let’s focus on — this is me and you here!” Jeong, however, kicked off the game by holding up a mask of Justin Timberlake. Higgins initially said, “Oh my god, you should run for president with Jimmy!”

That clue didn’t help so much, but Jeong knew exactly who it was after Higgins quickly added, “I loved you in *NSYNC!” Washington’s first mask was Julia Roberts, which she guessed right away after Fallon shouted, “Pretty Woman!” Higgins held up Daniel Radcliffe, and Jeong actually fumbled at first before yelling, “Hogwarts!”

Fallon was actually the only one to need three clues initially, as Washington told him, “He’s really funny. He does movies with Chris Rock. He does them with Drew Barrymore.” And with that, the host correctly guessed Adam Sandler.

But Fallon and Washington went on to lose the first round when the buzzer sounded as he held up a mask of Queen Elizabeth. “That sucks,” the actress exclaimed. It sucked even more when they lost the second round, too, therefore losing the whole game. But the entire video is worth watching just for the hilarious clues given about various stars, especially Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Check it out below!


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