Kenny Chesney Apologizes To Cop He Wrongly Said Died During Philadelphia Concert

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Kenny Chesney Dead Cop

By Michael Lewittes |

Kenny Chesney Dead Cop

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Kenny Chesney apologized to a Pennsylvania cop, who he mistakenly told an audience had died while performing a concert in Philadelphia on Saturday. The country singer called Folcroft police officer Christopher Dorman in his hospital room on Sunday to say he was sorry for the mixup, and to invite the cop to an Eagles football game, where they would enjoy “some beers.” Chesney also wished a “speedy recovery” to Dorman, who was shot in the face, leg, groin and chest four times on Friday.

After responding to a call that a guy was drug dealing in Folcroft, Dorman confronted the man identified as Donte Brooks Island, and was repeatedly shot by the perpetrator. Dorman, who was slated to catch Chesney’s concert on Saturday, was instead hospitalized with severe injuries, but he made a video for a local news station in which he said, “I’d like to thank all the police, paramedics and doctors and hey Kenny, don’t forget me.”

Chesney, however, didn’t get the whole story and so, while performing on Saturday, he told the crowd, “Before we get going with the rest of the show, last night, a Philadelphia police officer was shot seven times. In the hospital on his bed…he passed away, but before he passed away he made a video that he wanted to come tonight so bad, and he said, ‘Kenny, please don’t forget me.'”

Folcroft Police Sgt. William Bair said after Chesney received more accurate information, he called Dorman Sunday morning and had a “great conversation” with him. As for the premature death announcement, Sgt. Blair said the 25-year-old officer “took it in stride, was laughing about things.” The country singer later tweeted, “@FolcroftPD He’s doing great. Told him we’d watch an Eagles game & have beers one day. Here’s to a speedy recovery!” Chesney’s camp also released a statement on Sunday with the singer saying, “I was so caught up in the moment,” adding, “I think the emotions got the best of me – and I wasn’t as clear as I could’ve been.”

Chesney further noted, “The idea that a hero like that, with seven bullets in him, would even think about me… I heard about it right before I hit the stage, and it stopped me in my tracks. Someone whose life was on the line, and after all that bravery?” He continued, “To honor a policeman who survived something so horrific, to be rocked so hard by all those people, to see a city so alive, that’s everything about why we do this! To Philadelphia, you have a lot of heart – and it was an honor to rock with you.”

Gossip Cop would also like to wish Officer Dorman a speedy convalescence.

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