Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Remove Breast Implants And Separate From Playboy Past

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Kendra Wilkinson remove Breast Implants

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kendra Wilkinson remove Breast Implants

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Kendra Wilkinson is thinking about removing her breast implants in an effort to separate herself from her Playboy past. In a new interview, the 29-year-old reveals that she looks at her body differently now that she’s a mom and has children. “My body used to be to please men, but my body is for me now,” says Wilkinson.

“All men want to see is a body that pleases their eyes, especially in my case because I come from the Playboy world and they don’t want to see my body doing something other than pleasing them,” she tells the Daily Mail, adding, “If guys don’t like my body now that’s actually a good thing… that means I’m shedding the Playboy image.”

Wilkinson says she initially got the implants because she was going through a “phase,” but admits that things have since changed. The “Kendra On Top” star is now married to former football star Hank Baskett and mom to son Hank Baskett IV and daughter Alijah Mary Baskett.

“I’m going through a phase right now where I don’t fit my boobs anymore. I’m thinking about a reduction because that was a phase and now I am out of it,” she tells the outlet. Wilkinson continues, “After my daughter was born, when I was breastfeeding it became hard not to look at my boobs now and see them as milk and fat.”

“The person I feel like today isn’t a person with big boobs. I feel like I’m trapped in this body right now,” she adds. What do you think about Wilkinson wanting to separate from her Playboy past and remove her implants?


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