Kendall, Kylie Jenner No Longer Close After Stormi’s Birth?

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Kendall Kylie Jenner Not Close

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Kendall Kylie Jenner Not Close

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Are Kendall and Kylie Jenner no longer close? A report claims the sisters have grown apart since Stormi’s birth earlier this year. But Gossip Cop can debunk the provably false story.

“Kylie VS. Kendall,” reads a headline in the latest edition of OK!. According to the tabloid, “Suddenly the youngest sibs feel worlds apart.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Now that Kylie is a mom, they just don’t have much in common.” To that end, the magazine asserts Kendall is “jet-setting around the world and having fun on the dating scene,” while “her little sister is wrapped up” with Stormi and her cosmetics company.

Contends the untraceable source, “Kylie is focused on her cosmetics brand, and there are whispers that she does her fashion collaboration with Kendall with a bit of an eye roll.” The outlet’s unidentifiable tipster further alleges, “They can be very competitive, and Kylie’s recent milestones are making Kendall’s modeling portfolio look like child’s play.” But there’s a number of problems with the allegations.

First of all, the notion that Kendall no longer has “much in common” with Kylie because she’s now a mom would mean Kendall also no longer has much in common with Khloe Kardashian, who also became a mother this year. It would also mean she’s grown apart from sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, because they’re parents, too. That’s not only far-fetched, but easily disproven. Khloe and Kendall even went on a double date together last month.

Secondly, just because Kylie now has a baby doesn’t mean she’s no longer “jet-setting around the world” or going on dates like her sister. In recent weeks, Kylie has gone to France and Hawaii, on top of a trip to Turks and Caicos earlier this year. And on Wednesday, Kylie and Travis Scott stepped out for a date night in New York City.

Third, the publication and its unnamed “insider” try to make the case that Kylie is superior to her older sister because she fronts a makeup company worth nearly a billion dollars. But it’s not acknowledged that Kendall is at the top of her own field, and was last year named the highest-paid model by Forbes. She is successful in her own right.

Fourth, and most importantly, the sisters have remained very much in each other’s lives since Stormi’s birth on February 1. In March, Kylie and Kendall had a girls night out together, joined by Kourtney and Jordyn Woods. In May, Kylie and Kendall stepped out for a night together in New York City. Furthermore, one day before this clearly inaccurate tale was published, Kendall posted on Instagram photos of herself and Kylie goofing off together. Kylie shared a similar snapshot on her own Instagram, with the caption, “love u sister @kendalljenner.”

Conclusion: In contrast to the tabloid’s anonymous “insider,” Kendall and Kylie’s Instagram pages are primary sources that show their continued closeness. They’ve also been photographed together by paparazzi multiple times since Stormi’s birth. It is evident they haven’t grown apart. And, as noted above, this narrative has additional problems on top of that main falsehood, including the wrong claim that Kylie no longer travels around the world and the faulty logic that Kendall doesn’t have much in common with her because she’s not a mom, too. OK! has tried in the past to convince readers that Kendall and Kylie are at war, but reality and the facts continue to show that’s not the case.


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