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Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are not "upset" over Caitlyn Jenner supposedly getting engaged to Sophia Hutchins, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can bust the story. Not only is it based on a false premise, but the source material for the allegations is actually months old.

The Mirror is running an article on its website on Saturday with the headline, "Kendall and Kylie Jenner 'jealous' and 'upset' over Caitlyn Jenner's 'engagement' to 21-year-old student Sophia Hutchins." According to the story, the sisters "aren't at all happy about their rumored step-mum to be" after it was reported Caitlyn and Hutchins are getting married. Kendall and Kylie are actually described as "distraught" about the situation.

The paper quotes a so-called "source" from Life & Style, who contends, "They've heard from friends that Caitlyn's dating Sophia, and it upsets them like you wouldn't believe." This alleged tipster is further quoted as saying, "She's their age! They feel a mix of jealousy and distrust about it." Tellingly, some key contextual information is missing.

When did Caitlyn and Sophia get engaged? How did Kendall and Kylie learn of their plans to wed? And just when are they getting married? Has the family spoken about it all? Neither outlet has any of these pertinent details. And Gossip Cop can explain why. For starters, as we've already reported, Caitlyn is not marrying Hutchins, contrary to rumors that first cropped up more than a week ago. We even followed up with the former Olympian's spokesperson again, and the rep tells us once more that Caitlyn and Hutchins are "not engaged."

So it makes no sense to claim Kendall and Kylie are "upset" over an engagement that doesn't even exist. The Mirror's untrue assertions otherwise are placed on Life & Style, but the tabloid never actually reported anything about the reality stars reacting to a purported engagement. What the gossip magazine did do was peddle a story back in December that alleged Kendall and Kylie didn't "approve of Caitlyn's new girl." That's where the aforementioned "source" quotes are from.

To be clear: Nearly six months ago Life & Style maintained Caitlyn's daughters were unhappy with her supposed relationship. Now after almost half a year has passed, another publication is using those same, old quotes, but wrongly alleging they are in reaction to a nonexistent engagement. So there's two major flubs here: Caitlyn isn't engaged, and her daughters aren't reacting to something that hasn't happened. Nor has any reputable outlet recently reported any such reaction.

This report misleads and misinforms readers from top to bottom, which isn't surprising given that the newspaper has a history of getting things wrong when it comes to the famous clan. Months ago, the Mirror's website falsely speculated Kendall was pregnant, and shortly after, erroneously claimed Kylie had been dumped by Travis Scott and was moving to New York. Time has proven Gossip Cop's corrections in those cases were right: Kendall isn't expecting, and Kylie is still with Scott and raising their daughter in Los Angeles. Now it's clear this latest piece involving the siblings is another screw-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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