Kendall Jenner, Blake Griffin “Clash” Over Wedding Plans?

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Kendall Jenner Blake Griffin Wedding

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Blake Griffin Wedding

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Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are in a “clash” over wedding plans, according to an entirely false story that wrongly claims they “already have been talking marriage.” In actuality, their relationship hasn’t progressed anywhere close to that level. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm there’s no nuptials on the horizon.

But a so-called “insider” alleges to In Touch that Jenner wants to marry Griffin in a “gorgeous destination wedding.” The supposed problem is that they “can’t agree on anything,” because the NBA star “wants something more casual,” contends the tabloid. The gossip magazine’s purported tipster asserts that means “beer, barbecue and his jock buddies for groomsmen. He even wants his dog in the wedding!”

Consequently, the outlet claims “they’re both starting to realize that they’ll need to compromise.” Maintains the alleged snitch, “Get ready for a classic, but sporty, celebration [with] a massive wedding cake, but also a basketball-shaped cake for Blake and his bros.” Suspiciously, though, the publication doesn’t give a wedding date, or even mention an engagement.

Perhaps that’s because the couple is neither engaged nor planning to tie the knot. While Jenner does seem more serious about the relationship and she and Griffin just had a date night this week, they have no intention of rushing down the aisle. Both are very much focused on their careers (although the Clippers player is currently injured) and still getting to know each other.

The tabloids seem to be moving way faster than the actual couple. In Touch’s sister publication, Life & Style, peddled a story a month ago claiming Jenner wants to have a baby with Griffin. Shortly after, the National Enquirer alleged she already dumped him. These tales are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but are all wrong. Jenner hasn’t split from Griffin, but she’s not currently planning for marriage and kids with him, either.

Gossip Cop would be remiss if we didn’t also point out that In Touch has run utterly erroneous allegations about Jenner’s personal life in the past, such as made-up contentions about a “secret romance” with Justin Bieber in 2015. Like those articles, a rep for the model tells Gossip Cop this new one about a wedding with Griffin is “untrue.”

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