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Kendall Jenner is not "wasting away," nor is she on a "400 calorie-a-day diet," despite a new story. The article features claims similar to ones Gossip Cop already busted nearly a year ago. Now we can debunk this latest untrue report as well.

RadarOnline contends Jenner is "skinnier than ever," and that her size is "because of her extreme 400 calorie-a-day diet." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kendall's not eating much of anything. She gets by with a very low-carb smoothie in the morning then another at night."

"Sometimes she'll mix things up with a salad for dinner. But not with any meat or dressing — just a teaspoon of balsamic with her lettuce leaves, if that," alleges this untraceable tipster. Though no other specifics are given, the site maintains Jenner "follows severe diets and detoxes to keep the pounds off," and insists she's "severely underweight."

The blog and its purported snitch stop short of accusing the model of suffering from an eating disorder, but still claim the "lack of proper nutrition is allegedly taking its toll." Contends the supposed insider, "She's constantly turning food away and convinced it's a slippery slope if she indulges in anything sweet." The specious "source" adds, "It's no wonder she barely smiles these days — she must be constantly starving!"

Actually, Jenner was seen smiling and eating from a container of fruit while out in L.A. only days ago. Last week Jenner was also photographed headed for sushi with her dad. Gossip Cop's investigation also turned up a photo of the reality star with a mouth full of pasta in June. At the time, she was giving the middle finger to the paparazzi for filming her outdoor meal with friends, prompting Nylon to tweet, "No one will ruin pasta for @KendallJenner and @bellahadid, especially not the paps." Jenner replied on Twitter, "NO ONE."

Jenner's Instagram also shows her indulging in pancakes after the Met Gala in May, and even last November, when Jenner posted about her birthday on Instagram, the photo revealed her celebration included wine, cheese, bread and meats. Furthermore, in a blog post where Jenner discussed her diet, she did confirm she detoxes before runway shows, but also shared that her preferred snacks range from guacamole and hummus to peanut butter and Twix bars.

Clearly, there is plenty of evidence showing that Jenner does not only subsist on smoothies totaling 400 calories per day. It was almost exactly a year ago that the website previously claimed Jenner was on a "dangerous diet." In that piece, it was alleged she was eating only 500 calories by only allowing herself a "childlike portion of food once a day." Much like now, that article also seemed to be inspired by the reality star's appearance.

But as photos of Jenner through the years show, she has always had a thin frame. It's just how she's built. And even though there is a wealth of readily available proof going against RadarOnline's narratives, Gossip Cop also spoke on the record with Jenner's spokesperson, who says these latest claims are "false," just like the old ones.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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