Kendall Jenner Third Nose Job Claim Is False

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Kendall Jenner Nose Job

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Nose Job

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Kendall Jenner did not get a third nose job, according to a rep for the model. While the first two procedures have never been confirmed, the spokesperson denies this latest plastic surgery claim is true.

The allegation comes from OK!, which has a story announcing “Kendall’s New Nose” in its latest edition. After asking whether the “third time’s a charm,” the publication then quotes a so-called “source” as claiming the model “went under the knife for a third nose job.” Next, the gossip magazine very specifically contends that Jenner “opted for a subtle sharpening of the tip,” because she supposedly has “growing self-confidence issues.”

“People think modeling is a constant stream of compliments for her, but most of the time it’s brutal,” asserts the outlet’s alleged “source.” This purported snitch goes on contend, “On castings the clients analyze her from head to toe and point out all her flaws. Eventually Kendall got tired of people saying her nose wasn’t slim enough so went and tried to fix it, again.”

Now Jenner is “thrilled with the results,” adds the questionable tipster in the publication, which alleges the “cosmetic tweak” was “meant to channel her idol, Christy Turlington.” As evidence of the change, OK! features two photos of the reality star, but they really aren’t comparable. Jenner’s head is tilted downward in one and raised in the other, and the shots are taken at different angles. Both of those factors account for the slight difference in perception of her nose’s shape.

Additionally, Jenner also penned a blog post earlier this year about not undergoing any plastic surgery to change her face. As for this new story about a third nose job, a rep for Jenner maintains it’s untrue.

Remember, this is all coming from the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted when it ran a cover story that falsely claimed Jenner had an affair with Scott Disick. It’s also the magazine that has wrongly reported Jenner is a lesbian and was hooking up with Leonardo DiCaprio. Basically, the publication nose, er, knows very little about Jenner.

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