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Is Kendall Jenner texting Zayn Malik behind Gigi Hadid's back? That's what a certain tabloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop found a number of red flags.

On its website on Tuesday, OK! is blaring in a headline, "Kendall Jenner Texting Gigi Hadid's Boyfriend Zayn Malik behind her back!" The accompanying story alleges Jenner is "playing with fire" by striking up a secret flirtation with the singer. The gossip magazine contends, however, that "the current rocky state of Kendall and Gigi's friendship has made it easy for Kenny to text Zayn without any guilt."

"She's always found him super-hot, but resisted the urge out of loyalty to Gigi. [But] their friendship's pretty worn-out right now, so she doesn't see the problem in texting Zayn back and forth," a so-called "insider" claims of Jenner. This supposed snitch continues to the outlet, "Trouble is, while they may not have slept together — yet — it's highly inappropriate for them to be texting and talking so often, especially since Gigi has no idea!"

Adds the publication's purported tipster, "They'll sign off with xo's and kissing emojis, and Zayn's even been b*tching about Gigi, with Kendall lapping it up and getting a buzz out of the forbidden nature of it all." But if this illicit communication is so secret, how does the publication's "insider" know about it? And if the point is to keep Hadid from finding out, why did this alleged source blab to a tabloid?

Those are just two of the holes in this article. In addition, there is nothing to support the contentions that Jenner and Hadid's friendship is "rocky" and "worn-out right now." Those claims are just thrown out there with nothing to back them up. Lastly, Gossip Cop must point out that OK! has a lack of credibility when it comes to all three stars mentioned in this report.

While this story suggests Malik and Jenner are on the way to hooking up, nearly two years ago the magazine claimed Jenner was a lesbian and had come out to Hadid and others. This is also the same outlet that alleged Malik and Hadid were "on the rocks" back in June. If either of those pieces were true, if Jenner was interested in women and Malik's relationship was falling apart, why would she be flirting with the performer and why would Hadid care? Of course, the obvious inconsistencies just prove the publication wasn't accurate with those prior stories, but now Gossip Cop can also confirm it's not accurate with this one either.

We're told there's nothing inappropriate taking place between Jenner and Malik, with a rep for Jenner also telling Gossip Cop the claims are "false." It seems the tabloid is just trying to manufacture a love triangle, much like it tried (and failed) to do with Hadid, Malik and Taylor Swift last December. Nothing else to see here.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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