Kendall Jenner Alleged Stalker Arrested At Home

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Kendall Jenner Stalker Arrested

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Stalker Arrested

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An alleged stalker was arrested at Kendall Jenner’s home on Sunday. Thankfully, the model was unharmed in the incident.

The unwanted visitor, whose name hasn’t been released, was apparently waiting for Jenner outside her new residence near the Sunset Strip area of Los Angeles. When the model returned to the Hollywood Hills house, which she bought only two months ago, she found the man by her driveway’s security gate. And when she opened the gate to drive through, he followed on foot.

Understandably frightened, Jenner remained in her car and called 911. Police arrived and arrested the guy, who was then reportedly booked for stalking. According to TMZ, there was also a warrant out for his arrest, but it’s unclear for what.

Jenner, who spent last week on vacation in Turks and Caicos, only came back to L.A. this weekend. She has not mentioned the scary incident on social media, though Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for comment. Disturbingly, she is not the first in her famous family to deal with such an issue.

As Gossip Cop reported, last December an obsessed Kylie Jenner fan was captured after escaping the psych ward. The unidentified suspect had been placed there after trying to force his way into the teen’s home.


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