HollywoodLife Flip-Flops On Discredited Kendall Jenner Sex With Scott Disick Story

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Kendall Jenner Sex Scott Disick

By Michael Lewittes |

Kendall Jenner Sex Scott Disick

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HollywoodLife on Wednesday so believed the Star cover story that alleged Kendall Jenner was sleeping with Scott Disick that it published a piece titled, “Kendall Jenner Had Sex With Scott Disick — Bombshell Claim.” Gossip Cop, of course, was the first to exclusively debunk the magazine’s nonsense. And thanks to us, one would think the webloid would cut its losses after posting a complete falsehood. But no, this is HollywoodLies, er HollywoodLife.

The repeatedly discredited webloid then did what it does best. It quickly began to post one manufactured story after another, all based on the premise that Jenner may having been sleeping with her sister’s longtime boyfriend and the father of her nephews and a niece. First came a piece with the headline, “Kendall Jenner May Quit ‘KUWTK’ After Alleged Scott Disick Affair.” That made-up story claimed Jenner is so “humiliated” by talk of her having had an “affair” with Disick that she’s ready to “give up being a reality TV star forever.”

Naturally, that story was then followed by a piece titled, “Kendall Jenner: Terrified Scott Disick Scandal Could Ruin Modeling Career.” Mind you, while the blog was hardly expressing skepticism, its commenters were making such remarks as, “This makes me laugh. How many stories can HL makeup about this false story.” On Friday, two days after Gossip Cop busted the insanely untrue story, HollywoodLife suddenly had an epiphany and published what it termed an exclusive, “Scott Disick & Kendall Jenner Having Sex? The Truth.” Yes, 48 hours after reporting there was a Jenner and Disick sex “bombshell,” and that the model may “quit” reality TV and was “terrified” the “scandal” would “ruin [her] modeling career,” the webloid then made up a new story with fake-sounding quotes to essentially echo Gossip Cop’s initial bust.

Where was this so-called “source” when Jenner was on the verge of leaving “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or when she panicked about how the sex scandal would affect her modeling prospects? Sometimes it’s hard for Gossip Cop to figure out what’s the saddest part about all of this. Is it that HollywoodLife has the worst sources? Is it that HollywoodLife seemingly thumbs its nose at legitimate journalism and fabricates stories? Or is the saddest part that, unlike many of its wised-up commenters, there are other sites out there that actually believe the webloid’s garbage and then repost its lies. For us, that’s like watching a struggling student cheat off the dumbest kid in class. Whatever it is, HollywoodLife just proves itself to be a sad excuse for journalism.


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