Kendall Jenner Pregnant, Hiding “Baby Bump”?

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Kendall Jenner Pregnant Modeling

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kendall Jenner Pregnant Modeling

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Kendall Jenner is not pregnant. Rumors have surfaced claiming she’s “turning down modeling gigs to hide her baby bump,” but none of this is true. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the allegations.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, there’s been a lot of speculation around Jenner, including that she’s had plastic surgery, is quitting TV, and is turning down modeling jobs. “Now, a shocking new report from an industry insider has come out that may explain it all,” contends the site, asking, “Is Kendall Jenner pregnant?!” The outlet notes its theory is based on the blog Fameolous, which supposedly “received a hot tip that Kendall is pregnant.”

“If it pans out, this could be truly explosive,” editorializes the online publication. The item posted by Fameolous quotes an unnamed and untraceable person who allegedly works in PR and was involved in trying to book Jenner for “an event during couture week in Paris.” This unidentified tipster claims to have learned “they can’t book Kendall because she is pregnant.” Bizarrely, this person then admits to having “zero details” on the situation, acknowledging that he or she wasn’t privy to the phone call during which the purported pregnancy was supposedly revealed.

The Hollywood Gossip expresses some skepticism over the strange story, and points out that Jenner was bump-less in a recent Instagram photo (as she is in the April 14 photo above). Still, the site saw fit to spread the claims regardless, and even adds, “Plenty of people would be excited to see Kendall pregnant. She’s the only one of Kris Jenner’s children who has not yet had a child. She’s also gorgeous and, if she is pregnant, it would likely be Blake Griffin’s baby.”

It should be mentioned, though, that less than two weeks ago Jenner indicated she was hungover after partying for sister Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday. What’s more is that in Jenner’s Vogue cover story released last month, the 22-year-old said of having kids, “I am ready to wait. I want to have kids, but at, like, 28 or 29.” Additionally, after Jenner skipped some fashion events back in February, People reported she just wanted a break and wasn’t dealing with anything “severe or serious.”

Should she also opt to sit out July’s haute couture events in Paris, the assumption shouldn’t be that she’s expecting. On the contrary, Gossip Cop is told on the record by Jenner’s rep that “Kendall is not pregnant.” Jenner was also the subject of untrue pregnancy claims back in December. She may in fact be the only one of Kris Jenner’s children who has not yet had a baby, but it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.


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