Kendall Jenner NOT Pregnant, Despite “Baby Bump” Speculation

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Kendall Jenner Pregnant Baby Bump

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Pregnant Baby Bump

(Kendalll Jenner/Instagram)

Kendall Jenner is not pregnant, despite fan speculation about the model showing off a “baby bump” on Friday. Though a number of outlets are spreading the possibility, Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor. In fact, we’re even told the claims are “ridiculous.”

Jenner posted the picture seen above on Instagram with the caption, “Loner life.” She also included an alien emoji. The photo shows her taking a selfie in the mirror of a restroom in an unidentified establishment. Now the Mirror is blaring in a headline, “Is Kendall Jenner PREGNANT too? Fans are convinced model is expecting her first child thanks to latest picture.”

The British tabloid points to comments the post received, writing, “‘She’s pregnant too,’ one fan said. While another asked: ‘baby bump???’ ‘why does she look pregnant,’ another pondered. And one asked her: ‘r u pregnant?’ While another said: ‘Plot twist: Kendall is pregnant not Kylie.'”

There is no “plot twist.” Kylie in indeed pregnant, but her older sister is not. Though some people seem to think Jenner is sporting a baby bump in the snapshot, she isn’t. Her dress is particularly tight and cinched in the abdomen area, but allows her stomach room to breathe at the waist. Fans are indeed seeing the outline of Jenner’s belly, but it’s not because she’s pregnant. It’s simply her natural shape, though she remains as thin as ever.

For confirmation, though, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for the star, who called the unfounded claims about a pregnancy “ridiculous.” And it’s not just the Mirror peddling such nonsense. The UK version of OK! is also exclaiming on its website, “Is Kendall Jenner pregnant? Model becomes fourth Kardashian sister to face pregnancy rumours as latest picture sparks speculation.” Like the paper, the tabloid also quoted Instagram comments but had no other evidence beyond that to assert she’s expecting.

Unfortunately, this is apparently part of a trend. In October, MediaTakeOut similarly speculated Jenner was pregnant because she supposedly had a “bit of a belly bulge.” In actuality, she was just as skinny then as she is now. And later that month, Jenner even mocked such rumors on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” More recently, Jenner announced that she’s quitting her app because her “goals and priorities” are changing. But those goals and priorities don’t include having a baby in the near future.

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