Kardashian Sisters “Shocked” By Kendall Jenner Nipple Piercing

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Kendall Jenner Nipple Pierced Kardashians

By Andrew Shuster |

Kendall Jenner Nipple Pierced Kardashians

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Kendall Jenner wrote a tell-all about her nipple piercing in a blog posted to her official website on Friday. One of the revelations she made was that her sisters, especially Khloe Kardashian, were shocked by her new accessory.

The model and reality star began her post by insisting that although younger sister Kylie got her nipple pierced first, she was the true pioneer. “I wanted to get the piercing for SO long before Kylie,” Kendall wrote in her blog. “She did hers and then everyone thought I copied her, but I swear I had the idea first.”

Kendall did, however, seek Kylie’s advice about what to expect from the procedure. “I asked all of my friends who have them (and Kylie, too), and they said that it KILLED,” explained Kendall. But the model noted, “It really wasn’t that bad.” She added, “Maybe it was that I prepared myself for it to be such an awful experience that in the end I was okay with it?”

Kendall went on to say that while her piercing isn’t something she considers to be a “big deal,” she believes, “people are obsessed with the topic because it seems so unexpected of me.” Prior to getting her nipple pierced, the model admits, “I liked showing my nipples through some of my outfits; there’s something understated, yet sexy about it.”

As far as how mom Kris feels about her new piece of jewelery, Kendall wrote, “I don’t even think my mom and I have ever talked about it.” She did, though, reveal, “My sisters were honestly shocked that I did it. Khloe couldn’t believe it!”

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