Kendall Jenner Did NOT Release “Fully Naked Picture” Of Herself (PHOTOS)

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Kendall Jenner Naked MediaTakeOut

By Shari Weiss |

Kendall Jenner Naked MediaTakeOut


Kendall Jenner did NOT release a “fully naked picture” of herself, despite what the serial sensationalists at MediaTakeOut want you to believe. Gossip Cop can reveal the, ahem, naked truth.

On Sunday, Jenner posted a picture of a pantless woman wearing a sweater and bunny ears, and jokingly captioned the photo, “Woke up like [a bunny],” and added, “Hoppy Easter.” The woman’s face was NOT visible, with the shirt completely over her head. That didn’t matter to MediaTakeOut, which still declared, “WELP… Kendall Jenner Just Became A KARDASHIAN Yesterday… She Released Her FIRST Ever Fully NEKKID Picture!!!”

First off, MediaTakeOut doesn’t seem to know what “fully naked” means, as the photo in question doesn’t feature the person completely nude. But more importantly, the picture is NOT EVEN OF JENNER! Despite the webloid writing how Jenner “released the above NEKKID PIC of herself,” it is NOT Jenner in the snapshot.

In actuality, the photo has been floating around the web for years, dating back to 2012 in some places. Jenner was only 16 then, and she was most certainly NOT posing for partially naked pictures at that time, as any such shoot would be considered child pornography given her age. But MediaTakeOut has never let a little research stand in its way of a juicy story before.

And if the site really knew anything about Jenner, it would know she already “GRADUATED into being a KARDASHIAN,” as MediaTakeOut put it, and posed “fully naked” in a picture sister Kourtney shared last year. The snapshot, which Gossip Cop reported on at the time, can be seen below.

Kendall Jenner Nude

(Instagram/photo by Russell James)


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